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  1. MelissaMarieImagery

    Need some help pricing a job ASAP!

    Thanks I'm really nervous about the job, I hope this goes well- getting into Home Magazine would be pretty amazing! I'm going to see if I get any more responses, I'll send her the proposal tomorrow night.
  2. MelissaMarieImagery

    Need some help pricing a job ASAP!

    Thanks. The magazine didn't hire me though she did - they want a spread so she asked if I could shoot it. I don't have to buy any equipment. If I price it to "get more work" then it's going to be cheaper than it should be and then every time I get more work I'm going to be working for less than...
  3. MelissaMarieImagery

    Need some help pricing a job ASAP!

    Hey everyone, long time no see! So the other day a friends mother approached me- she is an interior designer out in Dix Hills on Long Island, NY which is a very upscale community with large homes and mansions (one of which she lives in herself). She asked me to photograph one of the Mansions...
  4. MelissaMarieImagery

    Tips for shooting apartment interiors?

    This thread was quite helpful, I just got a job shooting the interior of a large "mansion" and wanted to check my facts. Thanks!
  5. MelissaMarieImagery

    Missed My D90!

    I actually shouldn't have said the D90 itself broke, but I havent been shooting with it because unfortunately I only have one lens at the moment (I'm only 21 can't really afford another lens at this point in time) and while I was at work I dropped it - it came down on the lens and snapped it...
  6. MelissaMarieImagery

    Missed My D90!

    My camera was broken for quite some time. I brought it in around Thanksgiving to be fixed and they said 2 weeks -- it turned in to over a month. I missed thanksgiving, christmas, the first winters snowfall, and the seconds, new years eve, but thankfully it's back! I caught the first blizzard of...
  7. MelissaMarieImagery

    Where I've Been Plus "Second Shooter" At A Friends Wedding (C+C)

    Smart idea, I guess I just wanted to make sure the bride and groom got to have a lot of photos of them togeather, I feel like I got to capture some moments that were very intimate, and personal for them. I definitely understand about shooting more of the guests, though. I actually photoshopped...
  8. MelissaMarieImagery

    Where I've Been Plus "Second Shooter" At A Friends Wedding (C+C)

    The darkness is because I was shooting from pretty far away, light was falling on the subject but I couldn't get as close as I wanted -- also, it's possible when I did some burning around the edges for the vignette I got too close to the central portion of the image. Thanks for the advice :)
  9. MelissaMarieImagery

    Where I've Been Plus "Second Shooter" At A Friends Wedding (C+C)

    Hey everyone! Long time no chat :) Things have been very busy on my end, I recently quit my job at Target Portrait Studio for a better studio job over in the mall. It's still the same concept, photographing families/babies and then selling collections of photos to them after, however this job is...
  10. MelissaMarieImagery

    Who see's the beauty in Photography?

    Good analogy with the guitarist Vs photographer. It puts it into perspective. I have always had the same belief :)
  11. MelissaMarieImagery

    Pet peeve... anyone with me on this? (Crappy pics with sigs on them)

    If it's my photo, who cares if it's good or bad? It's still my work, and I want my name on it. And, besides, You never know what kind of image a person may want to steal. Regardless of if it's a good or bad image, who knows what use they may have for it. Is it hurting you by them having their...
  12. MelissaMarieImagery

    I need to rant...

    There is nothing wrong with someone who takes pride in their work wanting to start a business in hopes that it will one day be successful. If they suck, they won't get work, if someone is willing to pay them and is pleased with the outcome, then what is the harm?
  13. MelissaMarieImagery

    Avast Matey, Land Ho! (Rubber Duck C&C)

    Would love some more feedback :)
  14. MelissaMarieImagery

    Polly World Series - My First Attempt At Still Life

    Would love some more feedback :)
  15. MelissaMarieImagery


    Great concept!!! I love the different textures and colours, too :) My only suggestion would be that the bottom left is a little bit dark. I wasn't sure what it was for a second.
  16. MelissaMarieImagery

    deviant art people

    yeah this is phenomenal :) I was really excited because I was part of the beta testing for a portfolio and this was a VAST improvement on what they originally had to offer!
  17. MelissaMarieImagery

    *** Fight Club *** Round 42 voting!

    Great job guys! And cool, third place, not bad for only my second try at FC :)
  18. MelissaMarieImagery

    Avast Matey, Land Ho! (Rubber Duck C&C)

    Yeah i have so many ducks. We have mini ones in our $.50 machines around here and my friend bought me $30 worth, so I have dozens and dozens of little mini ducks that I really wanna photograph as well. I was just too lazy to dig them out today.
  19. MelissaMarieImagery

    Moma Museum of Modern Art

    You're welcome to take photos in museums, just no flash :)