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  1. Everybodylikepie

    Night Shot - First try with RAW

    Hi all, this is one of my first shots shooting in RAW. I was really pleased with how well it came out. The colors came out well, IMHO, although the content/composition is a little boring. Let me know what you think.
  2. Everybodylikepie

    Spring Wreaths - first photo with new d40

    Hey all. I posted one of my first shots with the new D40 up last night. Thanks to my excellent luck (but don't blame me!) the server went down and this post was one of those lost. Here's one of my first pictures posted here, so be gentle! Anticipating criticism, I know the closest...
  3. Everybodylikepie

    D40 Lens Hood

    Hey folks. Does anyone know what lens hood is used in this tutorial? Thanks!
  4. Everybodylikepie

    D40 vs. Rebel xT

    Okay, I know the D80 vs xTi debate is a popular topic on here, but I'm not interested in either of those cameras. I'm looking to upgrade from a P&S to my first digital SLR, and I've narrowed my search down (based on price/reviews/features) to Nikon's d40 and Canon's rebel xT. I'm sorry if...