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  1. aleksey123

    Hi I am looking for a good camera..

    do you care if its HD or SD ? take look at this deal from tigerdirect, its canon vixia hf r11! 250$ Canon VIXIA HF R11 4383B001 Dual Flash Memory HD Camcorder - 2.39 MegaPixels, 20X Optical Zoom, 2.7 LCD, 32GB, Refurbished at also this JVC looks good , but its 300$ JVC...
  2. aleksey123

    some random photos!

    thanks for your comments guys!!! i am goint-2- edit number one
  3. aleksey123

    some random photos!

    1 2 3 4
  4. aleksey123

    few photos

    wanet to share few photos wit you guys 1 2
  5. aleksey123

    FS- Canon 500D / T1I Body!!

    Hey! , because at the moment i have two cameras and i mostly use T2i
  6. aleksey123

    photo inside c&c

    what you guys think? :scratch:
  7. aleksey123

    The Moon

    hahah nah lens was 70-300mm
  8. aleksey123

    The Moon

  9. aleksey123

    FS- Canon 500D / T1I Body!!

    550$ plus Grip!!!!!!!!!!!! Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i Body/Grip - eBay (item 250735138707 end time Dec-29-10 22:33:11 PST)
  10. aleksey123

    My first DSLR :)

    nice photos!!! i had d3000 its good body
  11. aleksey123

    Rebel T2i Firmware Update Released

    i need to do that thanks OP
  12. aleksey123


    nice photos
  13. aleksey123

    FS- Canon 500D / T1I Body!!

    selling my canon 500D t1i body, exellent condition!! pretty much new ..price 550$ .. it listed on ebay Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i Body - eBay (item 250735138707 end time Dec-29-10 22:33:11 PST)
  14. aleksey123

    IMG_0001 (The First (un-edited) picture you took w/your new DSLR)

    i have IMG_0002 is this counts? cant find first prolly deleted.. this is when i got home opend box and i was playin around wit my camera lol
  15. aleksey123

    Just for fun ahhh winter

    very nice!!
  16. aleksey123

    Milky Way over Maui, Hawaii

    very nice photo
  17. aleksey123

    Gorio - My Chasing Light Adventure!

    i like first photo!!
  18. aleksey123

    microphone problem...

    whats up people!... am thinking to sell my 500d:( and get 550d jus because of external microphone, i really dont wana do this but i kinda want better sound/voice quality ,so i was thinking maybe i can get some good external voice recorder for 500d, and then take video clip and sound file and put...
  19. aleksey123


    help me choose tripod, Tiltall 70 or Manfrotto 7301yb, i dont know which one would be more stable because t1i,grip, and 18-135 kinda heavy. which tripods you guys use? manfrotto Manfrotto 7301YB 4-Section Aluminum Tripod w/ 3-Way 7301YB-BB - tiltall TE01B Tiltall Tripod - Black (Max 70")
  20. aleksey123

    dust problem

    i see, am goin to drop my camera at store tomorrow for sensor cleaning,,, thanks for help