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  1. Rgollar


    I got an email this morning from procam photo shop on the canon 1dm2. Then when I click on there link it is bad. Its like they messed up and sent and email out for preorders and then put it from there site. This is what they sent. Anyone else heard of the 1dm2 being released today?
  2. Rgollar

    Nice day at the park today

    _69Y9537-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr _69Y9577-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr _69Y9591-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr _69Y9622-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr _69Y9641-Edit-2 by rgollar, on Flickr _69Y9654-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr _69Y9688-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr
  3. Rgollar

    Made a mistake and used a friends 1D-X

    Well I have been putting off playing with a Canon 1D-X because I was afraid I would like it to much. Well I screwed up and tried the camera and now I have one. I like my Canon 7d mark II but I really like the 1D-x . It will be interesting how the 1D-x will hold up to croping the images vs the...
  4. Rgollar

    Oprey standing proud

    I have been watching this osprey all summer going to miss taking photos of him when he leaves soon. _61A6393 by rgollar, on Flickr
  5. Rgollar

    Finally got some ok Osprey shots

    Well I am no Kristofer Rowe but I am good with a wanna be lol. I am so getting a 500mm lens soon 1-10 by rgollar, on Flickr 1-9 by rgollar, on Flickr 1-8 by rgollar, on Flickr 1-2 by rgollar, on Flickr 1-5 by rgollar, on Flickr
  6. Rgollar

    Notice Ospreys are banded

    I have noticed the Osprey around me are banded. Is this normal? _61A3805 by rgollar, on Flickr osprey by rgollar, on Flickr
  7. Rgollar

    The worst feeling ever

    Well here is how it started. I get to my place where I am trying to get a picture of a osprey. Been going there every night for a week straight. I finally see the bird sitting almighty and proud in a tree. So I am running to my spot to get ready to take a picture. Turn on the camera and it wont...
  8. Rgollar

    Missed my first hawk diving for a fish

    I saw my first hawk dive for a fish today and was in such awe at it diving that I missed the shot except for when it was flying away with the fish. Unfortunately by the time I got my act together it was so far away the shot came out bad. I have such respect for Kristofer Rowe bird in flight...
  9. Rgollar

    Bird Identification

    Hoping some one would know what kind of bird this is. Thanks _61A2481_DxO-Edit by rgollar, on Flickr
  10. Rgollar

    Canons Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software

    I have been doing a lot of reading from a very well known bird Photographer Arthur Morris. He is really big on using Canons Digital Photo dpp 4 software for his raw images vs Lightroom or Photoshop. Now I was very skeptical since the software was free. There is a downfall I did find with the...
  11. Rgollar

    New Lens

    I am in so much trouble when my wife gets home. I knew I should have not went into my local camera store. But once I held it, it was all over. 20150614_142901-1 by rgollar, on Flickr
  12. Rgollar

    Question about extenders

    I am shooting with a canon 7d mark II with CanonEF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens with a CanonExtender EF 1.4X III. If shooting at 200mm with the crop body puts it at (200mm x 1.6 crop body) = 320mm. Now with the extender would I go 320mm x 1.4 of the extender and get a total of 448MM? Am I...
  13. Rgollar

    Lens calibration

    Hello I am calibrating a Tamrom 150-600 lens to my Canon 7d Mark II. Does this look like its dialed in close? I cant decide when I zoom in if the lower number 1 is clearer or the 0. To me with out zooming in the lower 1 looks clearer but when I do zoom in the 0 looks clearer. Any helpful eyes...
  14. Rgollar

    C&C on my lighting with flash

    april by rgollar, on Flickr This is my first attempt at lighting with 2 speedlights. Could I please get some critique on how I can improve this picture for lighting. And does the editing look bad? I am just playing with my daughters graduating pictures for fun. So any suggestion would be much...
  15. Rgollar

    Wireless trigger for flash help.

    I have a canon 6d and 7d mark II and I have a canon 430 and 600 flash. My question is a pocket wizard the best choice for working with these flashes and to use both flashes at the same time? will one pocket wizard work? Money really isnt a issue I just want something reliable.
  16. Rgollar

    Question on compact flash

    I just purchased the canon 7D mark II and I was wondering if this compact flash card specs are good enough to keep up with the camera itself. SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB CF Memory Card Black SDCFXPS-032G-A46 - Best Buy Thanks in advance
  17. Rgollar

    One lens Vs Another

    I recently purchased the 70-200 f2.8 II version lens and I love it. My question Is the 135 f2L really that much sharper then the 70-200 lens? I am wondering if its really worth getting since I have that focal length covered? I would use it for primarily shooting random potraits on a canon 6d...
  18. Rgollar

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Well I could not take it any longer and purchased the canon 70-200 2.8 II. I have the original one but I have been hearing such good reviews of the second version that I just had to have one. Now hopefully I can sell my version 1 to help offset the cost. Cant wait to try it out.
  19. Rgollar

    Is it a bad to purchase a camera from

    Canon EOS-5D Mark III (Body) - - Your number one source for Digital Cameras Is it a bad idea to purchase a camera body from some place thats not a real known site like B&H Photo. I want to purchase a Canon 5d3 but I see prices from $1925 to $3300 for a new body. How can there...
  20. Rgollar

    Color gel covers for flash

    Alot of times when I take a picture in a room where the lighting has a yellow tint from the lighting would it help to use a color over the flash of the tint of the room lighting? Am I understanding this right to use a gel color the same as the room lighting? So if the room has a yellow tint a...