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  1. mwild

    Here we Go....

    I just recently took the dive into taking my photography to a professional level. I have created a website and have started marketing my work. I'm currently working on a logo, and I'm on a never-ending mission to perfect my work. It's very important to me to give my clients quality work so I...
  2. mwild

    Young Grizzly

    Nothing excites me more than spotting a grizzly out in the back country! BearKcountry 126 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr BearKcountry 109 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr BearKcountry 107 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr
  3. mwild

    First Wedding Jitters, Your biggest regret?

    Relax, I'm not going to ask what gear to bring, what to charge or what to do ;) however I do have one question, and maybe it's just to ease my nervousness a little; How did you feel leading up to shooting your first wedding and what was your biggest regret of that day? (I'm hoping to learn...
  4. mwild

    Some Mountain Landscapes & CC Please

    What do you like and what don't you like out of these: 1. Camping Interlakes June 321 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr 2. Camping Interlakes June 325 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr 3. Camping Interlakes June 316 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr 4. Camping Interlakes June 314 by...
  5. mwild

    Bee & Blossom

    Nature is always generous to me in regards to photography. I generally hate the colour pink, but I can always appreciate it when it comes about in nature. Camping June 2013 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr Camping June 2013 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr Camping June 2013 by ♠GollyWild...
  6. mwild

    HELP - Using Fill Flash in Harsh Sunlight

    Hey folks, I haven't been on the forum for a while but I'm back, and with a question! I'm fairly new to my speedlite and I'm really enjoying it, however I can't seem to master the fill flash in harsh/bright afternoon sunlight. I keep blowing out the images, they're way over exposed. I kept...
  7. mwild

    Woodpecker, Foliage, and a Duck

    Here are a couple of my latest (except the foliage shots are re-edits of photos taken this summer.) I always feel so uninspired when winter comes! I guess I need to change my perspective! woodpecker river 055 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr to work 085 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr [...
  8. mwild

    Driving home (Into the Mounatins) Fallscape

    Hey guys.. here are a few shots that I got on our way home from giving our boat one last spin on Ghost Lake before packing her away for the season. last boat run 175 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr last boat run 160 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr last boat run 157 by ♠GollyWild, on...
  9. mwild

    Three Blind Mice

    These mice were all victims of my grandmother. After she caught them with traps, she threw them outside, and I somehow came to the idea that I NEEDED to photograph them. I used a stick to arrange their bodies. Yeah, kind of sick, I know. :confused: But There was something serene and peaceful...
  10. mwild

    Funny little Prairie Dog

    I love these guys, they make me laugh! They're a regular sight around here. upperlake and river 194 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr upperlake and river 190 by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr
  11. mwild

    Engagement Photos - Constructive crit please

    Hi there! I just shot a couple's engagement photos this week, and here are a few I've worked on. I have several more to do, and I'm really excited about the shots, but I thought it would be nice to get some opinions before I finish the post-processing on the rest. Any advice on sharpening...
  12. mwild

    I live in photo-op heaven!

    I live in the Rockies of Canada, and boy do I ever get some great photo-ops! Now to only improve my timing, and reduce my anxiousness when I encounter such ops! I find I'm always fumbling with my settings and full of anxiety trying capturing the moment perfectly, and I end up...
  13. mwild


    and proud :)
  14. mwild

    Hello from the Rocky Mountain of Canada

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum, but not entirely new to the world of photography. I fell in love with the dark room in my high school photography class, and I've been developing (pun not intended) my skill in digital photography for the past 4 years after buying my first DSLR. My blog is...