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  1. Skedaddle

    Hybiscus for C&C

    I took this photo this morning after a rare rain shower. I did crop it and did a little bit of editing. Is there anything I could improve on in this shot? (1) EXIF Exposure - 1/125 sec Aperture - f/5.6 Focal Length - 55mm ISO - 400 Camera - Canon Rebel XSi Lens - Canon 18-55 IS
  2. Skedaddle

    Lemon or Lime? C&C

    It may not look like it but it is a lemon that is still growing on the plant. The question is, which photo is better? I like different aspects of both photos but I'm having trouble deciding which one I like better. Or should I just keep both? Is the glare distracting? (1) (2) Now I have...
  3. Skedaddle

    Are These Interesting? C&C

    I took these this morning and am curious if these are interesting to anyone else besides me. Both were taken handheld, natural light, 18-55mm IS lens and my camera is a Canon Rebel XSi. (1) (2) This was as close as I could get to the flower but I wished I could have gotten closer.
  4. Skedaddle

    Second Attempt at Studio Type Photos

    Ok, so the first time I tried the background was a white sheet and it had a lot of wrinkles in it. This time I took these using only daylight coming in from the right and tinfoil as a reflector on the left. This was the setup for the second photo. On the first photo, he was facing into the...
  5. Skedaddle

    Another Try at a Piano Shot C&C

    Ok, I've been trying to get an interesting piano photo for a while and I was able to get this one yesterday. My youngest brother was playing on our keyboard and I managed to grab this shot. What do you think about it? EXIF Exposure - 1/80 sec Aperture - f/5.6 Focal Length - 55mm ISO - 400...
  6. Skedaddle

    Reliable Place To Buy Muslin Backdrops

    I already have my lights and my backdrop stand picked out, however, I am having trouble finding muslin backdrops. I have been searching on google and looking for store reviews on but all the stores look the same to me. Do you have any recommendations for a good online store...
  7. Skedaddle

    Some New Shots From Yesterday (C&C)

    While the rest of the family played in the pool, I decided to walk around to see if I could find anything that cought my eye. I found a spot with stagnant water, bugs and plants. So here are a few photos that I was able to take in that area. (1) Photo 145 EXIF ISO – 400 Exposure Time –...
  8. Skedaddle

    Five New Shots For C&C

    The weather has been really nice the last couple of days here so I decided to use that time to grab some shots of flowers and an old rusty wagon wheel. Let me know what you think of them. :) (1) EXIF ISO – 400 Exposure Time – 1/250 sec Shutter Speed – 1/256 sec F-Stop...
  9. Skedaddle

    A Rock, A Rose and Children (C&C)

    Here are some more shots for critique and commenting. How is the composition and lighting? Are the subjects interesting? (1) The Rock EXIF ISO - 400 Exposure Time - 1/250 sec Shutter Speed - 1/256 sec F-Stop - f/5.6 Aperture Value - f/5.7 Focal Length - 55.00 mm Flash not used Lens...
  10. Skedaddle

    Should I Crop It?

    I'm having trouble deciding whether or not I should crop the bottom off this photo. I'm not sure if it's extra space that's distracting or if it goes well with the overall photo. What do you think I should do? I'm leaning more towards not cropping it but I like it cropped too. Normal Cropped
  11. Skedaddle

    How Did I Do? C&C Please

    I haven't been on for a couple of weeks because I have been busy and I went on vacation but I have returned with some photos for C&C. Let me know what you think of them. (1) Fireworks from July 4th. I really had a difficult time getting photos of them but I managed to come away with a couple...
  12. Skedaddle

    A Sunset, A Mirror and A Horse for C&C

    Here are some of my latest photos. I've been working to know my camera inside and out. Up for C&C today are a horse, a mirror and another go at a sunset. Let me know what you think of them. The mirror is different from alot of the photos I take but I wanted to try something new. All are taken...
  13. Skedaddle

    Low Light Photo for C&C

    Here is my attempt at a low light photo. I took this on Friday but I haven't had a chance to post it until now. Does it look ok with the focus being on only one side of the face? I like it the way it is , however, it would have been nice if I had taken another shot where her whole face was in...
  14. Skedaddle

    Rings Around The Sun

    How do i get rid of rings about the sun? Do I use a filter?
  15. Skedaddle

    What Could I Do?

    I took this photo earlier today because I wanted to photography something different than I had before. I like this photo but I think it could be more interesting. Would selective coloring do the trick? Should I make it all b&w? Do you have any other ideas? Or is it a completely boring photo and...
  16. Skedaddle

    Trying To Figure Out My Camera - C&C Please

    I received my Canon Rebel XSi 3 days ago and have been working with it every day. Here are some photos that I have taken with it. Let me know what you think. (1) I used my 75-300mm lens for this shot. It was taken 2 days ago. Tripod was not used. My younger sister saw this little guy making...
  17. Skedaddle

    Some Photos For C&C

    Here are some new shots I have taken. The first three are taken with the Canon Powershot S3 IS and the last two were taken last night and earlier today with my new Canon Reble XSi. I'm still learning how to use the camera but I'm enjoying it so far. Please let me know how these photo look. Are...
  18. Skedaddle

    A Go At A Portrait

    Here is a portrait I took of a friend yesterday. Does the composition and lighting look ok? Is there anything else that could be improved in the photo? Also is the red in the left corner of the photo too distracting? EXIF Exposure Time - 1/250 sec Shutter Speed - 1/251 sec F-Stop - f/3.50...
  19. Skedaddle

    What Should I Do?

    I am having trouble deciding what to buy. Should I buy this tripod Or should I buy this tripod Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head: Camera & Photo...
  20. Skedaddle

    Rule Of Thirds For Group 1 C&C

    Here are my Rule of Thirds photos for C&C. I just took them this morning because the weather and lighting seemed so nice. (1) EXIF Exposure Time - 1/160 sec Shutter Speed - 1/159 sec F-Stop - f/3.20 Focal Length - 6.00mm (2) EXIF Exposure Time - 1/200 sec Shutter Speed - 1/202 sec...