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  1. Live_free

    Need a Good Travel Bag

    Going to San Fran for a college course during this summer. I need a new bag and have a few questions. Should I get a battery grip and more batteries? I already have some 6 SD cards. (Phone, Tablet, Etc all use the same thing :3) If so is it ok to buy off-brand batteries and grips? For...
  2. Live_free

    Best Camera Bag Under 110.

    Hey everyone, with the recent purchase of my Sigma 70-200 2.8 I found out something. When going to head off to my high school to get in some practice with the new lens (sports) I found it doesn't fit in my camera bag. So what is a good bag to get that can fit that lens while on the body? I would...
  3. Live_free

    Worth it to pick up a Sigma 70-200?

    Hey guys, long time so see. Anyway I was wondering if I should pick up a sigma 70-200 2.8 before it becomes 150 dollars more. What I have now. -D90 -18-105 "kit" -SB-600 -35 and 50 1.8 Thanks. :3 EDIT: If anyone could chime in on the Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR vs Sigma 70-200 HSM II (Non OS...
  4. Live_free

    Light Meter?

    What are some good light meters? I am looking to pick one up but want to make sure it is good before I do so. Thanks.
  5. Live_free

    Hello Everyone

    I'm back after a while of hard work (got a job) and trying to advance my skills in photography. So after the entire summer of work and several side job I finally have some coin to get a great setup. (see my last thread) So I have 2 options. Kit 1 1) 70-200 2.8 Sigma (the 800 dollar one)...
  6. Live_free

    Which kit would YOU choose?

    I know this is extremely subjective but I'm just gonna throw it out there to get peoples opinions. Kit 1- Nikon D300s Nikon MB-D10 Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Kit 2 - Nikon D300s Nikon MB-D10 SB-600 Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Kit 3- Nikon D300s Nikon MB-D10 SB-600...
  7. Live_free

    What Nikkor Pro Glass is water resistant?

    I'm building a shopping cart on BH photo right now and am looking for a medium range fast zoom. I was looking at the 24-70mm 2.8 as it fit the bill because of the range and speed, but it doesn't seem to have weather sealing. What lens around this focal length does? Thanks.
  8. Live_free

    Is the D300s a good buy?

    I have a D90 right now and have enough to buy a brand new D300s, what I'm wondering is, is it worth it? Or should I wait to see if nikon updates their line up or even just skip the D300s and save up a bit more and get the D700? Thanks.
  9. Live_free

    The Magic of CS5

    I just got CS5 and was playing around, remembering the content aware fill option I turned it on and was playing with it. I loved this picture but that fence behind it ruined it for me, otherwise that fence would have been a PAIN to remove because it was out of focus thusly making it look bigger...
  10. Live_free

    D700 successor?

    Any news on a D700 successor? What should we expect and when it should be out?
  11. Live_free

    Lens and extension tube question.

    I've been looking into long and somewhat fast lenses for various reasons. I cam upon this lens 100-300mm F4 EX DG APO HSM made by Sigma. From what i have read it is pretty good and for the price tag of only 1k I think it fits the bill. Anyone have any idea if this is a good lens? Also do...
  12. Live_free

    Best 70-200 lens for Nikon mount?

    Hey everyone I'm in the market for a new lens and as I want to shoot sports I've been looking into 70-200 lenses. Any recommendations? I'd buy either sigma or Nikon made lenses. Thanks all. If you have any you could post a sample pic you've taken with it, that would help a load. Thanks all.
  13. Live_free

    Am I the only one?

    Keeping a close eye on this lens? 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM - Telephoto Zoom Lenses - Anyone got any info on what the price will be?
  14. Live_free

    Problems with d90 mount?

    How big of a lens can I safely put on my D90?
  15. Live_free

    Lonely amongst the flowers.. C&C

    I'll let the photo speak for its-self.... More pictures from the tulip festival will be up later. Ok, for those who want a background. This girl was just standing there like that, for around 30 minutes, looking at those flowers with a sad/blank look on her face.... :( Just...
  16. Live_free

    Anyone have this battery grip?

    Battery Grip Vertical for Nikon D90 MB-D80 Camera + 2x EN-EL Does anyone have stuff made by them, or this exact one? How are they? Should I just get the Official nikon one? Thanks.
  17. Live_free

    Rant about CC threads

    I personally think CC threads should have a CC embedded code that makes it where you have to have at least 200 posts before you post. Because while there are some exceptions there are just too many noobs screaming "snapshot" or another idiotic pointless and nonsensical reason. Bitter- I...
  18. Live_free

    Wide Angle Lenses.

    I am looking to get a wide angle landscape lens as I love landscape photography. So I have a few questions. Is a "fast" aperture important in this type of photography? What lens would you suggest? Thanks. :D
  19. Live_free

    Light Meter Question

    I only ask this after google searching and looking for my d90 manual, but I can only find the Spanish one -.- So on the light meter what does it mean when it isn't there? What does it mean when it is blinking? etc. Just whatever info you can give would be great. Thanks :)
  20. Live_free

    Any of you have this polarizer?

    Tiffen | 52mm Circular Polarizing Glass Filter | 52CP | B&H How is it? Just looking to pick a cheap one up to play with. Think this will suffice? Thanks.