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  1. Jeepin59

    Just got my Extension Tube

    I am also thinking of getting a set up tubes, and I was wondering(if you don't mind) what brand of tube did you purchase and have you any issues with them sticking to lens or camera body. The reason I ask this is the reviews of the tubes on Amazon and other sites do tend to concern me. Thanks...
  2. Jeepin59

    D90 bracketing

    Page 92 of manual covers all the bracketing options and it states that brackets are controlled by Flash, Aperture, WB, ISO, shutter speed , thought I have only done the typical shutter speed for HDR, I would expect you to have to be in Aperture Priority to vary the aperture instead of the...
  3. Jeepin59

    can someone tell me what this is?

    Could be very muddy if there was a bad storm upstream, or some chemical dumped, probably should contact local authorites and report it if no other normal explination is found.
  4. Jeepin59

    HDR For Panoramic Print - Thoughts?

    I can offer no more help then to bump your question so it does not go unanswered. I am wondering if the paper you want to use has it's own color profile, I have always wondered if you should use the color space, the printer or the paper, color profiles, I guess that what has scared me off of...
  5. Jeepin59

    Wedding Photographers - How do you carry your gear?

    Sorry Cinka that cargo pants idea made me think of the old joke, works for a guy but you get the idea "is that a 200mm 2.8 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me!" sorry this helps you in no way, but I am having a slow day. Black Rapid has come out with a strap just for Women and they...
  6. Jeepin59

    Checkmate C&C

    Believe me when I say I am no expert, but my eye was expecting more color contrast between the KINGS....they look the same color and therefore for me loosing the dynamic of opposing forces, your placement; setup such interest.. WOW!!! Thanks for including the setup.
  7. Jeepin59

    Good Camera for DragonCon

    I am no expert but I don't believe a GPS unit will work indoors or at least not very well. As far as your point and shoot camera, when I was looking for one, I went to Best Buy (or what ever store near you that has a large selection of camera's) and took some pics and really looked at them to...
  8. Jeepin59

    Sigma 15mm F2.8

    I don't have one but I did some research and found this .....Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Review by Thom Hogan , maybe it can help you some...
  9. Jeepin59

    What Cards are you using in your camera?

    I also use 4Gb cards, I off load onto my PC them burn them on a DVD, which is about 4Gb so 1 card = 1 DVD+-R. My D90 Does VID and shoots RAW + JPG Fine so I am rethinking this maybe picking up a 16 Gb or Higher card just for those times I need more memory. As far as brands like most electronics...
  10. Jeepin59

    camera flash helps stranded man get rescued

    Would make a great commercial, guy 1 with "XYZ"brand batteries getting rescued, while guy 2 with "ABC" brand in the dark floating away!! Might be that great Super Bowl Ad.
  11. Jeepin59

    Thinkin About A Tokina 11-16mm f2.8

    I would have to agree with the new recommendation, not saving enough to warrant the lack of warranty. I have been following ebay for this lens for some time and find it holds its value, due to not finding it "hundreds of dollars" cheaper used. I have a Nikon F5 that I would like to have an ultra...
  12. Jeepin59

    A little less serious :D

    Thanks that made my day...I am going to try to perfect that look so the next time someone needs some tech support, that's my new look!!! Eyes rattling around my head!!
  13. Jeepin59

    CS4 Student Edition/CS4

    I have heard, perhaps incorrectly that you cannot upgrade from say CS3 Student Edition to CS4 (any edition) is this true???
  14. Jeepin59


    Makes me thirsty....I guess you got the effect you were looking for.....go luck and drink responsively!!!
  15. Jeepin59

    animal tracks

    I too like this pic but wonder what it would look like from a lower perspective? When I take pics like this I try to move up, down, left right, you never know until you look at it later what angle looks best. The most important thing is that you like, everything else is a bonus.
  16. Jeepin59

    DC Nightscape - CC Please

    Looks like a keeper. I don't think it's too dark, it a night photo after all. Great job
  17. Jeepin59

    Idea: Use enlarger and DSLR in lieu of scanner

    1. Wife kills you for "borrowing" her camera. 2. Wife really kills you for keeping lens off for long periods and getting dust in her camera. 3. Wife gets wood chipper (so they can't find the body) for burning out her sensor. 4. Wife collects insurance policy, buys "uber" nice scanner and eats...
  18. Jeepin59


    Rain pics can be very challenging, and beautiful; I usually take them out the passenger side window of my car, camera stays dry and I get out of the house for nice drive checking out back roads, etc....if you have a significant other and they go along...well that could be nice too....
  19. Jeepin59

    anyone have any success in doing this?

    You could also rent lens or other equipment until you make enough to buy it out right or just to see if a lens is right for your renting photographic equipment.
  20. Jeepin59

    Data Recovery?

    Could I make one other suggestion, since I work in IT, and take pictures, I never delete them off of my memory card until I make and verify at least one CD or DVD copy of them after I put them on my hard drive, there will come a time when your primary drive will fill and them you will tell your...