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  1. Kyuss

    Damselfly Dinner

    Thank you, Yeah, I was pretty much standing in a bush while leaning over it at the same time to get this. Worth it though. I think I might have added a tad too much sharpening though. I am loving this softbox.
  2. Kyuss

    Damselfly Dinner

    Was watching this guy fly around when all of a sudden another bug was flying by and he grabbed him up and started munching in him. I had to just about crawl through a bush to get this shot.
  3. Kyuss

    More Dragonflies and Butterflies

    Thanks DRATOM. I went back today and there were next to nil there!? Very weird, its usually hit or miss I guess.
  4. Kyuss

    More Dragonflies and Butterflies

    Thank you for the comments! Heres another. Playing around with boarders.
  5. Kyuss

    More Dragonflies and Butterflies

    Thanks Overread! Yeah, around here its getting closer to the end of the season and its harder and harder to find them. My usual dragonfly pond is empty so I've been going to this nearby lake and there are a lot there! They are just harder to get to than the other place.
  6. Kyuss

    More Dragonflies and Butterflies

    Been hunting Dragonflies and Butterflies like crazy and working on my macro skills. I just can't get enough of these guys. One thing I have learned is that there is a lot of patience needed to get close to them! Let me know what you guys think. 1# 2# 3# 4# I like how they will turn...
  7. Kyuss

    Come into my parlor (graphic if very sensitive)

    That's no moth, that's a butterfly.
  8. Kyuss

    Dragonflies 69 (NSFW)

  9. Kyuss

    wireless flash macro

    Thanks a lot Overread! Yeah, I've been looking at that Lumiquest softbox. Right now I am just using the diffuser that came with the flash. I am planning on making my own softbox here real soon. I went out just a few minutes ago and was able to get these. This guy was real patient with me...
  10. Kyuss

    wireless flash macro

    Well, I got a SB-800 yesterday and had a chance to go out this morning to test it out. Its my first flash. I have never really been into flash assisted photography but had to get one ever since I've been doing more and more macro. So, C&C welcome as well as any other tips, especially any...
  11. Kyuss

    Some recent insect hunting.

    Really guys.... nothing?
  12. Kyuss

    Some recent insect hunting.

    1) 2) 3) 4) Thanks for looking!
  13. Kyuss

    what do you think? (my first photos)

    Its cause they are plain jane vehicles. I think in order for pictures of autos to be interesting, they have to be of nice ones. A jeep and a Chevy truck, you can see those any day of the week. BTW, love the sandals!
  14. Kyuss


    Nicely done? It's not even in focus and the composition is not working.
  15. Kyuss

    Flower w/Bug

    Nice shot! That's a Skipper Butterfly!
  16. Kyuss


  17. Kyuss

    Macro Moths / Butterflies

    Thank you! I was able to ID them. The first is a European Skipper The second is a Common Checkered Skipper.
  18. Kyuss

    Kidding around

    ^^I second that.
  19. Kyuss

    Black and Yellow butterfly

    its an "eastern tiger swallowtail" butterfly. Nice shot.
  20. Kyuss

    To all of you macro-ers.

    Thats what I need, is a flash. So, far I've just been shooting when the sun is high and giving me enough light to open it up but still there are situations where you need extra light. I haven't gotten that close to a dragonfly yet. They are very skiddish. I would love a setup like that...