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  1. bazza

    Beautiful arcus cloud in Nebraska

    wow, looks very mythical.. Superb..
  2. bazza

    Super Kids

    Hi all. Haven't posted for a while, kids growing fast and keeping us very busy. Took this today and was very surprised they were all smiling at me.. really tough with 3.. Anyway,
  3. bazza


    Arr, thats not very nice. Must be the compression. Only kidding, just a bit of fun, thanks for the comments.
  4. bazza

    New Toy & First Shots

    Another weed for me.... Shallow DOF works well.. :thumbup:
  5. bazza

    Honey Bee in Flight.

    Nice, very sharp. Well done...
  6. bazza

    Model Session - RL at the Museum

    #2 stands out a mile from all the others.. :thumbup:
  7. bazza


    Lol... Either this or purple eye make up and very pink lipstick.
  8. bazza


    Here's one my daughter wanted, pp needed she said.. the worrying thing is she is 4 !!!
  9. bazza

    Wasps nest

    Hi, I used a 50mm Sigma macro lens then cropped...
  10. bazza

    Wasps nest

    Thanks guys for the comments, I thought it was an egg but in other shots (not posted) it has moved.. very creepy..
  11. bazza

    Tree in the Fog

    I like it, good pic.. Love the symmetry..
  12. bazza

    Images from a Coastline...

    All great shots but #1 for me.. Fantastic.. Keep going on these walks...
  13. bazza

    Wasps nest

    Thanks guys, if you look closely at the second one, you can see a few more.. how many legs do they have???
  14. bazza

    Wasps nest

    Hi all, just took a wasps nest out of our loft and was amazed at the detail inside.. Here's a couple of pics that I took.. Didn't see the little bug on the wasp untill I looked at the photo.. Anybody know what it is??
  15. bazza

    Water Collisions!

    Just watched that video, Thats amazing.. Great captures on your collisions too. I have tried water droplets myself and only got 1 decent shot out of about 60.. Thanks for sharing...
  16. bazza

    Golden Church in Porto, Portugal

    Wow, that IS gold... Great capture.:thumbup:
  17. bazza

    New Brighton rally stages

    Hi all, We had a road rally stage near here recently, it was fantastic.. Old and new cars against each other.. Anyway, Here's a few pics I got that aren't blurred.. (panning is hard to do, so I stuck to the slower parts.. What a Kop out!!) Thanks Baz...... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...
  18. bazza

    Moody Church

    Thanks for the comments guys, Love the way b&w totally changes the pic.
  19. bazza

    Moody Church

    Or maybe this, think it's the best.
  20. bazza

    Moody Church

    Just experimenting with b&w, not done much of this before. Any c&c welcome, Thanks...