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    some random photos!

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    few photos

    wanet to share few photos wit you guys 1 2
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    photo inside c&c

    what you guys think? :scratch:
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    The Moon

  5. aleksey123

    FS- Canon 500D / T1I Body!!

    selling my canon 500D t1i body, exellent condition!! pretty much new ..price 550$ .. it listed on ebay Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i Body - eBay (item 250735138707 end time Dec-29-10 22:33:11 PST)
  6. aleksey123

    microphone problem...

    whats up people!... am thinking to sell my 500d:( and get 550d jus because of external microphone, i really dont wana do this but i kinda want better sound/voice quality ,so i was thinking maybe i can get some good external voice recorder for 500d, and then take video clip and sound file and put...
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    help me choose tripod, Tiltall 70 or Manfrotto 7301yb, i dont know which one would be more stable because t1i,grip, and 18-135 kinda heavy. which tripods you guys use? manfrotto Manfrotto 7301YB 4-Section Aluminum Tripod w/ 3-Way 7301YB-BB - tiltall TE01B Tiltall Tripod - Black (Max 70")
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    dust problem

    hi, i was taking some video clips 2day and when i got home i was playing those clips on monitor i found out about those dots! and it looks like its dust i am not sure, can this be dead pixel or something? can someone plz help me!
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    sigma lens

    hey guys!!! i need your help, i wana buy multipurpose lens like 18-200mm, so i dont haveto change lens everytime. Canon have 18-200IS but its almost 700$...and then i found sigma 18-200OS its 370 new and used like 300-280(ebay), so i read some reviews on websites and half people was sayin about...
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    some pics!!

    i was bored today took my camera outside and snapped some photos and some video:blushing: 1 2
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    battery charger

    hello! ...are those ebay battery chargers are safe to use? i just want charge two batterys at same time, i have canon charger that came with my camera so i need get second charger.. i found this and its cheap CAMERA BATTERY CHARGER FOR CANON EOS REBEL T1i XSi XS - eBay (item 370408427053 end...
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    2 pics.

    took those photos couple months ago with D3000, 55-200VR 1. ISO800. (crop) @200mm 2. ISO100. (crop) @200mm
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    help me choose lens plz!!

    hello!!! i dont know wich one to buy?!?! here my options, Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras: Camera & Photo Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras: Camera & Photo so am thinking the...
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    ebay grip question

    hello!! i have question i want to buy grip for T1I so i was searching on ebay and found tons of grips for less 50$!! those are not canon tho ...since am buying my first grip i have no idea what to do, is there big difference ? are those ebay grips bad quality>? anyone...
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    some pics

  16. aleksey123

    some moon shots

    well today i finaly tried snap some moon photos, its my first time. not happy is it my lens sucks or it some settings i need use to capture moon?? i was usein nikor 55-200VR, 300 one would b better, here da pics ...its a crop
  17. aleksey123

    hard case for dslr

    i waned to upgrade my old leather case for some nice hard case, so i googled hard case, and i found this vanguard hard case from sears for only 40$! plus shipp. 7$....i like it so far, well here pic...............i was wondering what kind case you guys use? anyone have same?
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    winter pictures in blackNwhite

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    VR vs NON VR??

    hello and happy holidays!!!!!! quick question, Are there any differences, besides VR feature, on nikkor VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6g if-ed, and non VR????? is the VR version is better? maybe glass or somethin its looks bigger..anyone? i can get non VR for 150$ new and VR is 250 am thinking is it worth...
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    Nikon lens help

    hello. i just got my first telephoto lens its a 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S DX for 160$ at my local store, i always wanted to get those telephoto lens but i didnt wanet spend $500+ , and i saw this deal today , price was right for me, so i bought it, but now am thinking those lens dont have...