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  1. SashaT

    Back on night patrol

    Decided to go back for a little night action. This time it was during the full moon, we got to the creek before sunset. We sat at the truck and enjoyed some beverages while waiting for it to get a little darker. Finally Time to head down to the water and hopefully have some fun...
  2. SashaT

    Wish I had not left the longer lens in the vehicle

    While visiting a ghost town today with the family, I saw some hummingbirds feeding. I tried to get in as close as I could for some photos without spooking them, I should have also brought the longer lens with me.
  3. SashaT

    On a river with a couple of friends

    Went to a river with a couple friends today for a quick trip. The plan was to meet up at 0530 and head out from there. My alarm went off at 0445, I must have turned it off in my sleep as I woke at 0513. After my brain turned on and I realized what time it was, I got ready as fast as possible and...
  4. SashaT

    Fly fishing during the night

    A couple of days ago, I got a phone call from a friend. The conversation basically went like this: Him: You ever fish mice before? Me: Nope. Him: Do you want to try it this Saturday? Me: Sure let me clear it with the wife. The call was followed up with a text of a couple of fish pics that had me...
  5. SashaT

    Out collecting rocks with my youngest

    Got the chance to get out and go collecting with my youngest son today. It was quite an interesting trip with a variety of different types of scenery and weather. The day started out a little later than I would have liked, by the time we arrived at the turn out, temps in the valley were already...
  6. SashaT

    Just a couple quick shots testing out my new lens

    Just had the chance to test out a recent lens purchase (Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS) while I was out and about today. Took many more photos but I haven't processed all of them yet. Anyway, here is a shot of a stonefly and a crop of the same image. While it isn't as good as my Nikon 60 2.8 micro for bug...
  7. SashaT

    Think I did alright on a used Sigma 17-50 2.8

    A while back, I dunked my kit 18-55 VR in the river while fishing and destroyed it. I have been missing that focal length quite a bit on my fishing trips so I started looking used. I found a Sigma 17-50 2.8 EX DC OS in like new condition on CL with the box, receipt, warranty paperwork, case...
  8. SashaT

    A couple of Bison

    Got the chance to spend a few days in Yellowstone, had a great time and took a ton of photos. #1 #2
  9. SashaT


    Took my boys out adventuring today and saw this guy. He was being a pain as in he would not sit still and would fly away when I got close.
  10. SashaT

    Fishing in the highcountry

    There are those trips that you look forward to, the types of trips that have a narrow window of when the fish are there. When it is over for the year, a mental clock starts ticking down the days until you can return. Our trip started off sort of by accident, a friend sent me a text with a pic of...
  11. SashaT

    Took my boys rock hounding

    Now that I am back home in Idaho, my boys wanted to go out for an adventure. I decided to go check out a spot that is fairly close to my house to see if we could find some nice specimens. This was our first time there and with the safety of my 9 and 7 year old in mind, I did not go into some of...
  12. SashaT


    Was at a friends house and saw this guy in the garage. I was able to get a couple shots before it flew away.
  13. SashaT

    Image sensor cleaning

    Hey everybody, I am looking for any tips as far as cleaning my image sensor on my D7100. I have done the air (not compressed) method and while it removed some of the specs. I have three real stubborn ones left on my sensor that don't want to budge. In the past when air wouldn't work, I would...
  14. SashaT

    Dryas iulia

    Took this one at a butterfly garden.
  15. SashaT

    Havent posted here in a long time

    Hey everybody, it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. Anyway, thought I would post something I took last summer while out fishing.
  16. SashaT

    Not Sonic the hedgehog

    While at the zoo with my youngest they took this little guy out for the kids to pet.
  17. SashaT

    Moon Jellyfish

    First time trying to get some shots of these guys. As always C&C is welcome
  18. SashaT

    Fun with a 10' 2wt

    I met up with a Mike to do a little fishing on a river that isn’t too far from home. Once we were there we ran into a couple of guys that I know. Well actually ran into isn’t quite accurate; you see Jeremy knew I was going and he owed me a few flies. He gave me a text saying that he would meet...
  19. SashaT

    Snow day: Trip Repot

    Some things came up that prevented me from going to my original intended fishing destination. No worries there are plenty of backup places to fish around here. The morning started early when my alarm clock went off at 0300. After a quick text to Elvis confirming he was on his way, I got ready...
  20. SashaT

    Jumping spider sitting on my wall

    I was returning home from a walk with my youngest son. He said dad, look there is a spider. Having not shot any "bugs" in quite a long time, I decided to take a sort of quick shot. As far as settings here they are: 1/250, f/13, ISO 400. Any comments are welcome :D