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    Any suggestions on color film?

    I figure since my dslr is being repaired atm I may as well shoot some film for the time being. Actually, I've been wanting to shoot more film for a while, this is just the kick I've needed to get going I suppose, lol. I was wondering if anyone had anyone film suggestions. I'm just shooting some...
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    d60 malfunctioning

    Picked up my camera today, took a frame, and now it's working again. For now atleast. Oy Veh. I just hope it doesn't start happening again.
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    d60 malfunctioning

    So, I have a Nikon D60 that I've owned for around two years now and tonight when I turned it on and tried to take a picture, the frame came out completely white. I tried again, same thing. Everything else was fine, regarding camera menu and viewfinder. I changed settings, still nothing but a...
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    Logo design

    Playing around with a logo design. Heres one of the many variations I've come up with. Too busy? Too cliche? Any ideas?
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    Need c&c on PS edit and crop

    Very good if it was your first edits with ps though.
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    Need c&c on PS edit and crop

    I like the crop though I wish there would have been a little bit more of the model in the picture instead of cutting off her left a bit. The bokeh, however could be a little bit better. The grass in the foreground could be a little less blurry and I think I can see a little bit of blur in the...
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    Second and Third lens

    and it's in your price range ;)
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    Second and Third lens

    I just started playing around with a new 35mm f1.8, and I must say, I'm in love with it so far. Much nicer bokeh than anything you can get with the kit and much sharper too. But thats just my suggestion.
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    NOCTURNAL aka NIGHT Photography

    I hate how now that it's November it's dark at 6pm. But It hasn't stopped me from getting out and getting some pictures.
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    Snug as a lens in a sock

    DIY is the best, isn't it :lol:
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    Narrowed Down to 2 Lens Choices, Please Help!

    true. there was a camera shop that was selling atleast 50 or so of these lenses that had been used as demo models and refurbished by nikon and the average range for them was about $130 to $180. Almost bought one myself.
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    Tips on How to Practice for Band shots?

    just go and shoot. If there a band you're specifically shooting, practice shooting other bands. I've only ever shot one band so far, and, well, let's just say they're the epitome of crazy stage presence. After shooting them, I feel like anyone else would be simple. One thing I've learned is...
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    Whisky Sunset

    very very cool and abstract.
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    Does The Internet Make You Stupid?

    Actually had a conversation about this the other day. Kids will say things on the internet that they wouldn't say face to face with someone, and lose a lot of genuine human interaction. I wonder what the world will be like when lolspeak is the dominant langauge for all cultures.
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    Here goes nothing...

    what kind of...oh wait, jessie beat me to the punch. but umm, yeah, same questions :lol:
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    Here goes nothing...

    To compose it a little better, maybe try get down at a lower angle to bring down the horizon a little bit, and don't cut off the rod next time.
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    Some of my here.

    Nice stuff. :thumbup: