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  1. RedWylder

    Real Estate Photography

    My husband and I, in our recent home buying experience, discovered that in our area real estate photos are at a minimum. Trying to look at houses online was awful since so many of the houses had very few/poor photos included in the listing. We are interested in starting a side business in...
  2. RedWylder

    Couple o' questions: photoshop actions and website creation

    I need your all's input on a couple of things that have bouncing around my head for a bit. 1. Photoshop actions: I am new to the photoshop world. I've been using Lightroom up until recently and then I took a photoshop workshop and a lot of people were all about their photoshop actions. Are...
  3. RedWylder

    struggled with these

    It's been a while since I last posted but here is some of my latest. I really struggled with these. Not sure why...could be this Illinois heat and the bugs that were eating me alive during the shoot but I could use some input. What are your thoughts? What can I work on? **first some that...
  4. RedWylder

    A boy and his dog(s)

    Took some shots today of a boy playing with his doggies. Thoughts? 1. Colby-6 by RedWylder, on Flickr 2. Colby-7 by RedWylder, on Flickr 3. Colby-11 by RedWylder, on Flickr 4. Colby-14 by RedWylder, on Flickr
  5. RedWylder

    First Time RAW/problems with flickr

    So I decided to give RAW a shot with my newest photos and I thought everything was going swell until I went to upload them to Flickr. Here's the process my photos went through before the attempt at uploading them: 1. import into lightroom. 2. edit 3. export as a jpeg with ProPhotoRBG...
  6. RedWylder

    Birch trees-lots of em

    Found the prettiest area to walk in Fairbanks, AK. I'm not sure how I've missed it thus far but I'm glad I found it. Anyways, I took quite a few photos thinking I got lots of good ones. When I began editing I realized just how many birch trees there were and I'm wondering, is the effect too...
  7. RedWylder

    Annoying people...

    So in my most recent thread I posted pictures of work people (or people I work with). One gal in particular admired my technique (of course it's great to her untrained eye).'s now about 5 days later and she comes up to me and says I took some pictures of my kid. I'm like great...
  8. RedWylder

    Newest portrait practice CC please

    My work wanted me to take photos of everyone for our new website and I used this opportunity to practice on portraiture a bit. I took a little creative liberty with how they were taken as they didn't specify what type of photos they wanted. They were just gonna have someone run around and get...
  9. RedWylder

    1st practice natural light/outdoor portrait

    I am practicing on a friend on doing natural light photography. Here's some of the better ones. The light was pretty harsh when taken directly into the sun. I don't have lightroom currently (my trial ran out) so these are completely unedited. Please help me work on my skills. What can I do...
  10. RedWylder

    Learning to Flash

    I've reviewed the tutorial thread first and I'm not sure I found what I'm looking for. I just recently bought my first TTL flash and I'm wanting to learn how/when to use it. I could try taking pictures of everything with the flash to see how it helps but something tells me this is the long way...
  11. RedWylder

    You'll poke your eye out

    Reading the manual for my D7000, I came across this helpful tip: !When operating the viewfinder diopter adjustment control with your eye to the viewfinder, care should be taken not to put your finger in your eye accidentally.! Thanks Nikon, I may have poked my eye out if you hadn't warned me...
  12. RedWylder

    Need to know in a hurry (another lens question-sorry)

    Just found out that my hubby is taking me camera shopping (surprise) to get my new D7000. I know that I could find this info on this forum but I've got little time to figure it out before we go. Soo question: thinking of going with just the body and choosing the lens I want to start with...
  13. RedWylder

    People in Glasses

    How do you go about taking portraits of people with glasses? I find that the reflections are annoying and take away from the eyes. Is there some way to keep them from reflecting?
  14. RedWylder

    What do you do with unused photos?

    Do you store them forever and ever? Do you toss them? I'm getting so many crappy photos but I only throw away the truly atrocious ones.
  15. RedWylder

    More Drama this time

    Ok so after my last post, I was told not to be so hesitant with my edits and that I didn't have to be "truthful" with how the scene actually looked. So with a little editing I've changed this: Ancedit8 by RedWylder, on Flickr to this: [url= Better? Or too...
  16. RedWylder

    I adore this lady's photography **website has music** (blog doesn't) I'm just sharing this woman's photography. She works up here in Alaska and is a self-taught photographer. I love her unique camera angles/croping as well as her use of mostly natural light photography.
  17. RedWylder

    Anchorage Shoot CC please

    These pictures below are my most recent and I'm really trying to learn both landscape composition as well as editing. I could use some helpful advice on what to work on and how I might edit these pictures further. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thanks!
  18. RedWylder

    Alaska Bush Flight CC

    I fly a lot in Alaska for my job. Here are some photos I took during the flight. Being a small aircraft, I couldn't move around a ton to get good angles so I tried to work with what I had. I also didn't have a lot of options for shutter speed and aperture control as I was limited to natural...
  19. RedWylder


    Ok...saw this moose on the side of the road and had to quickly snap the picture before he ran away so it's not perfect but I'll take some constructive criticism on it if ya don't mind! I'm still learning my editing tools so I'm sure there's more I can do in that respect. Edit #2 (don't like...
  20. RedWylder

    Focus Issues Part Deux

    Ok so I've done a little picture taking research and here's what I've come up with: it is indeed me. My infinity focus isn't all the way to the right but a little back from it which is what some of you have suggested. By turning VR off and using a tripod I was able to get a fairly sharp photo...