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    Flash sync problem ?

    In focal plane shutter if one curtain is running slow, it will show up more in flash shots as either the bottom or the top of the frame blacking out. I looked up the specs of the FM and saw something interesting about the sync in regard to a "safety switch" in the hot shoe. Can this be the...
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    Aging Shutter Query

    Sounds like the shutter needs to be cleaned and lubed. The old lube gets cacked up and the blades get oily. All this gook has to be washed out. If you are handy it's not such a hard job and may become a new hobby for you, camera restoration.
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    Photojournalist Camera?

    You should be looking into a rangefinder camera instead. They are smaller, lighter, quieter and much faster off the hip. Flash will sync at all speeds if you get a leaf shutter camera.
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    My New Toy!

    I bought 2 of those brand new back in the day when that was state of the art. I still have one in brand new shape sitting in my closet, been replaced by my RB67 when they came out. Ya gotta love these old Mamiyas, they will NEVER die. Built like Russian tanks, easy to repair and plenty of em...
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    MicroTool, get the imported assorted pack, 5 sheets all thicknesses, self adhesive for $25 and you'll have enough to start a business.
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    Water drop effect

    Are you talking about high speed flash photography? Here is a DIY tutorial that is so easy to do and you'll have a blast doing it too. The flash they use is a Vivitar 283 which is available real cheap these days for about $30 or less. Have fun... check out this site and cruise through...
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    Mamiya RB67 Professional $400 shipped (USA)

    The body needs a back and a lens. I'd change the focusing screen as well, it's not in great shape. I changed all the seals and CLAed it. Backs can be had for $50-$100 depending on their condition Lens... 90mm can be gotten for $90-$200 depending on condition. Screens go for $25 Check...
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    Opinions on fine grain 400 B&W film

    It really doesn't matter what film you use. You have to standardize your technique to the film and developer you are using. I personally like the TMax400 using the TMax developer, printed on Agfa Record in Dectol. It took me a long time to get it all right, how I want my photos to print...
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    Camera Cleaning

    Don't the D70s have software built in to clean the sensors? A friend of mine has the D70 and I remember him telling me it is not advised to clean them yourself, the camera has something built in it to do that. It electronically shakes the dust or negates it in the the sensing while taking...
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    down to three cameras

    Has anyone used a MInolta 7D with the vibration reduction built into the body instead of the lens? Interesting to be able to use cheap lenses and still have the VR available unlike Nikon where the VR is in the lens, you'll spend a fortune on VR lenses.
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    How many keeper shots per roll do you get?

    There was a documentry about Plauden and in it he was asked the same question. He looked at it in an interesting way. He said most people think of their pictures as if they were trout adn they have to come home with a creel full of fish every time they go out. It doesn't work like that. You have...
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    Mamiya RB67 Professional $400 shipped (USA)

    Glad to hear you got such a great deal on your RB. My camera is sold but I do have another RB67-Pro body, revolving back, WLF that I will sell you for $75, you pay shipping?
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    Mamiya RB67 Professional $400 shipped (USA)

    This is in real nice shape too. It only has 2 small dings otherwise it is very clean. Infact, I'll throw in a 127mm lens with this camera for another $100. That's shipped to your door here in the USA.
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    Mamiya RB67 Professional $400 shipped (USA)

    Yes the camera is in great shape and it is a wonderfull price. I put it together for a student but she couldn't afford it so I am getting rid of it at cost.
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    Mamiya RB67 Professional $400 shipped (USA)

    Mamiya RB67 Professional, WLF, new focusing screen, revolving back, 120 roll film back, 90mm- C lens, all new seals, CLAed last month, camera is in EXCELENT CONDITION. I'll pay shipping in USA only. E-mail me for pic or questions at AUTOMAX1@JUNO.COM Paul NYC
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    SLR cameras

    You are looking through a seperate viewfinder lens and not the lens taking the picture as in the Nikons adn more expensive DSLRs. So what you see isn't what you get, it's close to what you may get.
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    Black & White filter?

    Check this site out. Thier classified is always full of filters for sale and if you follow it you'll see some incredable bargains... Good luck
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    Picture Frames, Poster Frames, Clip Frames, and More!

    Yes we are always looking for frames and a cheaper way out. I need extruded aluminum frame material in 10' or longer pieces, no glazing just the hardware to build them. I am looking for "oil painting" sized frame that is classically used to mount photos in museums. They are deeper than...
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    Digital for old SLRs

    A company that advertised in the popular mags baout 2 years ago was making a 35mm film can with what looked like a flag on it to pop into your SLR. This device was a digital sensor complete with memory. You put it in the SLR and shoot away. Once you're done, take it out adn plug it into your USB...
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    Flash trigger voltage

    I've been playing with electronics since I was 11 yrs old, since the tube days and was a ham operator once upon a time... too many hobbies. It can be dangerous to think the voltage is so little cause of the equipment used to measure it. That is how accidents happen and digital accidents are...