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    "Partial spray-prints" or "I have an idea and I don't know where to post this thread"

    Good evening forum-ites. Have you ever typed out a couple paragraphs to explain something in a silly, fun way then deleted it? Ok, so straight to the point as I normally enjoy... I took a pic of a CD on a table. The CD's glossy and the table's flat. I ordered both glossy and matte prints on...
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    Senior picture help!

    What I did for my senior photo is grabbed a friend that needed his senior photo, a cheap tripod, and my Ricoh SLR at the time and just went to the waterfront in my hometown and just blew up a few rolls. I was pleased with the result of a few of them and did that. Just get out there and have...
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    Who got a D70s Batery Grip?

    I heard they're plastic pieces of crap made by a third party. I heard that from a guy in Sacramento at a camera shop. Anyway, I'm not buying one off his advice. GL to ya
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    Tenlined June Beetle

    So I set up my digital webcam and started recording. I dumped the big ol' beetle in the container and an hour later the recording stopped... with a fat meal for my pet Elrvira. She sure is a black widow. I caught her outside on my front porch as well, actually, but that was in December...
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    Promotion Package!

    B&W FTW
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    Canon Beach, OR

    YAY Oregon!!
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    Few Israel pictures

    Beautiful photos of the Holy land. (o: I definitely like #3
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    Tenlined June Beetle

    A friend suggested naming my new little friend. I named him "Lunch" for my black widow. hahaha! Found on my front porch like I find all my other pets. It hissed at me!! :lol:
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    Need help...

    bytch, You seem like you're pretty hard on yourself. Cut it out! I'm pretty self-critical as well, but sometimes you've gotta just stop and say "Ya know, it wasn't bad!" Oh by the way, unless you're trying for commercial photography, screw what others think! lol If you like it, then that's...
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    the trampoline self portraits

    Not quite Man Show trampoline shots, but fun regardless! lol
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    Model Technique - Flight to Chicago

    They definitely look like a train set model. Is there a place to find a tutorial on how to do that?
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    swiss alps

    I was in Switzerland in Feb of 04. Amazing, I say! A small story about that. I stopped into a Lucerne (sp) to buy a Swiss Army Knife. Typical American, huh?! I picked one out and they said I get a free engraving. I wrote down my last name on a piece of paper and handed it to the guy. My...
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    My Kind of Town...

    I think those are great toy-model photos, even those that had the photoshop technique used. I agree with a diff. thread for the models. Great work!
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    CSS Programming / Firefox issues

    Hopefully a few people know some HTML / CSS programming. Basically my gallery shows fine on IE but not Firefox. Firefox doesn't border my clickable images but makes a small box the appropriate width but at a fixed height no matter the height of the thumbnail. Here's the index...
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    I'm coming to that point in my career...

    CS2 and other programs used to arrange an array of images and objects in a way you want a website to look and then having the program to do the programming is what's commonly called a WYSIWYG (What You See Is Wgat You Get) program. There's nothing wrong with them for basic websites, and...
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    Cable anchors B&W

    Remi, I whole-heartedly agree with LaFoto! Off your Flickr site, you do great work! Nice camera... hehe
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    In a singel Frame. Water is Precious

    Disregarding the second and third post (lol), the first thing I thought was someone drinking water... maybe a child drinking out of a clear glass of water.
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    Do's and Don'ts of creating a web gallery

    I'm coding my own website. You can see the progression on the link in my sig. Anyway, I'm using HTML and CSS to do it all. It's taking a bit longer than I thought, but using CSS the longest part about it was working out a master template, then adjusting to fit. Besides, I like the idea of...
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    Can we say Suicide Girls? J/K! Great shots!
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    July '06 Photo Challenge - "Landscapes"

    I was tempted to put in a photo of my 66 VW Beetle otherwise known as a "VW Bug" hahaha