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  1. Marc Kurth

    Tree line

    A different look at my bicycle trail.
  2. Marc Kurth

    Harbor scene

  3. Marc Kurth

    Rising shadow

    The shadows are from a mountain in back of the camera as the sun was still rising. This was printed as a 24"x8" for a client when I still in the business. Marc
  4. Marc Kurth

    Multnomah Falls, Oregon

    My artistic impressions of the falls on a 19 deg. F early January morning, and a much warmer, foggy April morning. D200, 18-70 kit lens, hand held with elbows propped on wall. Multnomah Falls is the most challenging place I have ever shot, so one of these days I will go back there, but next...
  5. Marc Kurth

    Post your ONE favorite moon picture

    I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been done to death already. I thought that I would open an invitational thread for people to show their moon pictures - WITH data so others can learn how each shot was done. MY contribution is to show that while cheaper equipment can't compete with the...
  6. Marc Kurth

    Wrapped in fog

    I always loved it when the fog was rolling in
  7. Marc Kurth

    Family Cemetery

    Very hard to get access to this place, but I love it:
  8. Marc Kurth

    Warning: Grankid Picture

    I know I screwed up by missing the rest of the reflection opportunity, but I was preoccupied balancing flash against the harsh ambient from camera left. I don't shoot people.....
  9. Marc Kurth

    47' Motor Life Boat

    Practice drills in Morro Bay, CA
  10. Marc Kurth

    North Morro Bay, CA

  11. Marc Kurth

    End of the day

  12. Marc Kurth

    Straight Out

    D70, cheapo zoom (see the purple highlights everywhere)
  13. Marc Kurth

    Under the Trees

    Bicycle trail along the beach
  14. Marc Kurth

    Great Egret Cruising the Surf

    D70, ISO 400, Sigma zoom, 300mm, f9, 1/3000 matrix metered, manual -1 EV dialed in. I know that I pushed the highlights out a bit far, but if you've ever tried to shoot one of these in full sun, you know how that goes!
  15. Marc Kurth

    Moonset at Sunrise

    My favorite time of day
  16. Marc Kurth

    Simple bird portrait

    Marbled Godwit posing on one leg for me. D70, Sigma zoom, 300mm, f7.1, 1/1000, ISO 400
  17. Marc Kurth

    Portrait of a Lady

    Tall ship Lady Washington cruising offshore, Central Coast, CA.
  18. Marc Kurth

    1930's Threstle

    Built as part of the WPA programs, still going strong - but man does it creak and groan under load!
  19. Marc Kurth

    Beach Rain

    Slightly different version of an image printed 30" wide on Kodak Endura Metallic. The jogger on the beach is barely noticeable on a computer monitor, but really helps set a sense of scale on the print. The Endura paper reproduces whites as pearlescent silvery tones which completely changes the...
  20. Marc Kurth

    Surf play

    The USCG was doing their surf training drills on the outside of the jetty, while the surfers were working the inside break. The fog was thick and the wind was blowing hard.