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  1. bigal1000


    Like new condition very little use. works perfect with perfect glass. Shipping to USA Only Lower 48 States. USA import lens. 350.00+ $10.shipping "USA Only"
  2. bigal1000

    Why did you buy a Sony?

    Small light and quality files............
  3. bigal1000

    Sony Alpha A6500

    what is this doing here ??
  4. bigal1000

    Sony RX10 For Sale USA Only

    Awesome like new condition only 2 months old. Shutter count is 135 activations, perfect working condition. Sony box and all original accessories included Shipping to USA only lower 48 states only.............. $500.00 Paypal shipping $20
  5. bigal1000

    Best place to buy D500

    Keep coming up here we like the cash and by the way we don't have any Income Tax Either..............
  6. bigal1000

    Canon t6i or Sony a6000

    I'm confused you sound like you hate the T6i but your keeping the T6i ?
  7. bigal1000

    A Wise Decision?

    Not a very good move only my opinion though !! A wise choice I don't think so...
  8. bigal1000

    Best older model Canon full frame

    Still using mine with L lenses and it's works great for me. Still a good camera, but that's just my opinion.............
  9. bigal1000

    Canon 77D

    Why would you go from a nice 6D FF to APS-C just wondering...........
  10. bigal1000

    Regarding make of Canon DSLR.. China or Japan?

    Urban myth's, but I can remember when made in Japan was considered cheaply made junk.
  11. bigal1000

    Mirrorless Camera Owners Wish Their Camera Had This

    Too many snowflakes is this PC world !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. bigal1000

    D700 shots, still rocking in 2016

    Urban Legend !!!!!!
  13. bigal1000

    Where to Sell a 5D Mark II

    Can somebody kill this old post ?????
  14. bigal1000

    Canon 80D "Sold"

  15. bigal1000

    Canon 60D with lenses and accessories

    Is the 40 2.8 avaible ??
  16. bigal1000

    70-200 questions

  17. bigal1000

    No craigslist biters, wait patiently?

    If you have good glass keep it, thats my opinion. Sell the body that tech changes all the time not so much for lenses. A good lens is a good lens for a long time !!
  18. bigal1000

    APS-C VS Full Frame Lenses? (lens recommendation)

    I bought one for $189 shipped and 1 year canon USA warranty but I think they are now out of stock.
  19. bigal1000

    Ok, I have to ask... D7200 VS 80D

    80D if you have Canon lenses. D7200 if have Nikon lenses !!