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    Can any film shooters help me out?

    My friends Canon Elan 7E (which I sold him a couple of years ago) is kind of acting like it is stuck on a bulb setting. This happens when the camera is set on auto (the green box). When you press the shutter button the shutter opens and stays that way till you press the shutter button again...
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    What would you get?

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    Could some explain what I'm doing wrong?

    OK so I take the pictures work, them in photoshop and dthay look pretty good. I save for web, post them on here and they look like crap. See my example in the high key thread On my computer in photoshop the background is almost pure...
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    Any advice?

    OK here is one of my shots using a single Alien Bees strobe and shoot through umbrella. Any advice on better positioning of the light itself. I believe the camera settings were iso 100, 1/250th at f/8. Thanks in advance, Steve
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    I finally got one...sort of.

    After about 20 frames. Not as sharp as I would have liked but....
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    Where to find?

    I'm not sure what you call them, but they are like cardboard frames. You typically see these when photos are shot at events like proms and so on. Anybody have any idea what I'm talking about and where to find them? Steve
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    10D Backfocusing?

    I have heard of this and was wondering why some of my shots arent coming out as sharp as I thought they should. Look at the pic of the macaws below. My cameras focusing point was actually on the bird that was closest to the camera, right over his face. My other settings were as follows...
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    You don't see these much

    Komodo Dragon at the San Antonio Zoo
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    What would you get?

    It seems when I have little or no disposable income, I find all kinds of gadgets that I want. Now that I do, I can't seem to make up my mind. Any ideas anyone? I have about $1700.00 US to play with and I'm a Canon shooter. I don't have the best lenses so I was thnking about upgrading them...
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    Chroma-Key Backgrounds?

    Any opinions on which is better? Blue or Green?
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    OK 10D users

    It seems I have been having a problem. On more than one occasion I have shot a picture looked at it in the lcd screen and checked out the histogram. All looks well until I bring it up on my computer screen. Then it looks well like....****!! It's all dark and I have to bring the levels way up...
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    Questions for 10D users

    1. What white balance setting do you tend to use? Do you leave it on auto or change it to tungsten, sunlight and so on? 2. Is their anyone here that can help me with the proper use of the unsharp mask in photoshop? I know what it does, but I'm not sure I understand how and when to apply it...
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    After 3 years of drooling

    I finally got a DSLR (EOS 10D) !!!! I have only taken a few shots with it., but I can tell I'm going to love it. Maybe now I can post some more pictures than I have been. Anyone who owns one that may have any tips to share please please do so. Steve
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    I'm so glad I live here Really everybody, come visit it's a great place.
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    Portrait lenses?

    I have read that the best portrait lenses are in the 85mm to 135mm range. Does this change when using a camera like the 10D since an 85mm would be about the same as shooting at 135mm on a regular SLR? Does my question make any sense?
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    Could someone suggest a better one? I like the way this one looks at full size but something is missing.
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    Medium Format???

    Can anyone point me in a direction where I can learn more about medium format. I think this may be an area I would like to explore, but I become easily confused. When looking on ebay I found kits with 120 and 220 film backs what's the difference between 120 and 220 film? Are they talking about...
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    One that got away

    From the Dallas Zoo
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    My first try at a night time photo. also my first try posting a pic...let's see Steve
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    OK I guess I'm up

    Hi Folks, My name is Steve and I'm from Arlington Tx. I have owned cameras on and off for about 20 years but didn't begin to take the hobby very serious until about three years ago. I had a Kodak DC215 that just wans't cutting the mustard so I went to a Coolpix 995. I loved the creative...