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    Half Skull/Half Face Self Portrait C&C Welcome

    This idea popped into my head last night when I was messing around with a few self portraits so I decided to give it a shot. It could be a bit neater around the edges but for the most part, I'm pleased with the results. It was shot with a d7000, 50 1.8G, an sb700 w/ a shoot through umbrella as...
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    Nikon 28 f/1.8G vs 24 f/2.8D

    I'm in the market for a new lens to add to my 50mm 1.4D and I'm torn between the 24 2.8D and 28 1.8G. I shoot with a d7000 with plans to upgrade to FF in the near future. The lens would be my primary walk around lens as I find the 50 1.4 to be too long for my liking. I used to own a 24-70 2.8...
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    Hello from So Flo!

    Hey everyone! I was on this site a year or two ago and I stopped using my account so I had to make a new one. I sold majority of my gear a while back and I'm now trying to get back into photography so I figured why not re-join. I currently have a gripped d7000, 50mm 1.4d, a couple sb-600's and...
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    Nikon SB-700 Focus Panel

    I came across this Nikon sb-700 in what seems to be in good condition on craigslist for $50 (yes, FIFTY dollars) but it's missing the focus panel. I tried searching for a new one but no luck so far. Does anyone know where I could purchase one? Also should I be worried about anything on the...