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    Choosing the right ND filter for landscape photography

    I am planning on buying a ND filter . I have no idea what shade of filter I want, but I own a # 2 nd filter and figure it is a waste of money I was thinking of getting # 10 ND filter for my TSE 17mm runs about 220.00 I guess the right words would be, please (educate me ) on using ND filters...
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    Gettings things panned out

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    Diary of a newbie doing their own product photography for the first time .

    Six years ago I bought a used canon G10 and had my wife and her friend start taking pictures of about 15 new custom pool cues . The pictures were terrible, I wasn't happy and either was anyone else. I was swamped setting up my new shop and really had no time to mess around with something as...
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    Depths of Reflection

    I have been studying Light and Reflections using the book light science and magic as my primary source of information. I do my own product photograph on my pool cues, I try to explain to other people the technic that I am using to photograph highly figured exotic woods with a thick glassy clear...
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    Tufu rock

    This one is in better shape then most. They are very fragile.
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    Photography Books and Review

    I am going to order a couple book tomorrow on photography. I am trying to learn about light and using flash or strobe photography for Product photography. Looking for helpful books on overall photography and lighting. It also would be nice if we could compare notes by referring to certain...
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    Lighting, who to buy from and what should you expect

    I bought a Cowboy 3300 watt 3 piece CFL about 2 years ago from amazon. Amazon has always done me good, I really cant say much positive about the lights except they do help if you are really careful with them. One of my stands broke the first time I used it I didn't know they were that light...
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    Your thoughts please

    I have been getting allot advise, and this adventure of learning the different stages of product photography has brought me to this point. Feel free to critique this photo. flash. CFL
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    Here fishy fishy fishy

    this was one of my first photos with 100-400MM IS L The fish on top is a walleye and about 14 inches long.
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    Camp fire/ man = burning man

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    Sunday drive No mans land

    I found this wind mill out dessert in the middle of some sands dunes . There was no roads, the sand is reclaiming its property It still pumps water:hail: Photo bucket just now went down for there weekly whatever. I will post more photos
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    Trying out a new lens

    TSE 17mm F4 L One of my dogs buddy. Ihatemymoney
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    Polarized filters and polarized gel screens questions and more.

    If someone could please answer a few questions please. #1 Do professional product photographers use a photo tent? #2 Do professional product photographers normally use polarized gel screens. #3 what does a professional product photographer use for lighting. It has been suggested to me...
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    Just wanted to say hello. Love photography and have more gear then skills. I live in northern Nevada on a island in the middle of the dessert. I have lots of wildlife and wide open spaces. Ihatemymoney