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  1. john3eblover

    My new job and new gear

  2. john3eblover

    christmas break photos

    i'm bored so i'll post a smattering of pictures i've taken in the past few days... first try at bird photography...pretty difficult as you can see this was my brother's idea, and i'm still not sure about it... another one of these artsy/generic typs ;-)
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    My new Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM Gallery

    Hey friends, i got this lens a week ago, and have been taking some fun pictures with it. Sure, its got a lot of distortion at the edges, but I'm not picky, and i'm just taking goofy and fun pictures with it, so its all good. Here is the link to the whole gallery if you want to check it out -...
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    My new job and new gear

    Hello lovers, I have been absent for a while because i've been moving into a new house and we dont have internet yet and blah blah blah. BUT the good news is that i've started my job working for my school's newspaper, and i have lots of fun new equipment to use :-) I'm going to be using a Canon...
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    my cute 6-year old brother daniel

    there are problems with this picture, i know. but i just wanted to show off how cute this guy is. he just got done with his bath, thats why his hair was spiked. i told him it makes him "cool".
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    Braves baseball game

    this first one is a crop obviously as i only had a 28-80mm lens, but i hope to take full frame pictures like this soon when i get a better lens.
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    Centennial Olympic Park at night

    i took most of these pretty quickly as it was almost 1am. There was a very light rain falling, and unfortunately some pictures have drops in them. I tried to get rid of as much as i could in PS, but i couldnt fix everything. Oh well. Some of them turned out decent so i thought i'd get the...
  8. john3eblover

    moody graveyard b&w picture

    shot this one a while back on T-Max 400, it was very foggy and hazy so that is why its so grainy. I guess i'm wondering about the composition mainly. does it work or not? Thanks.
  9. john3eblover

    first attempt at flower shots

    never realy tried any flower shots, so i snapped these real quick while i was outside the other day. i'm limited by my lens in what i can do, but figured i'd post these to get some initial reactions
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    didnt know what to title this one. these aren't anything special, but they turned out allright, and i wanted to get some other opinions on them - how they look, if you like them, etc. thanks
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    sunset and a skyline

    this wide sunset is a panoramic that i stitched together from 3 pictures here is another angle of it and here is my favorite skyline
  12. john3eblover

    More Macros! (some slightly creepy)

    These should be pretty self-explanitory...let me know what you think (no bugs were harmed in the taking of these pictures, mainly because none of them were alive.)
  13. john3eblover

    My first "macro" shots using the reverse lens technology...

    Using a lot of tape, and my only two lenses (quantarray for Nikon, and Tamron for Canon...i know, crap), i managed to take some interesting pictures. This is definitely very fun, and i plan to take a lot more. let me know what you think
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    My first try at the stereotypical water drops!!!!

    took me lots of tries to get even these, and i'm not using the best lens, so these aren't exactly full frame... i wish they were though. some day maybe when i get a macro lens. anyway, not exactly satisfied with the lighting setup or with how they turned out, but i figured i'd just post my...
  15. john3eblover

    miniature fireworks show :-D

    due to the extremely wet weather around here, we delayed our "fireworks show" until tonight. Nothing big or expensive, but pretty loud and bright. anyways it made for some interesting pictures. let me know if you like them. pretty much this is the first time i've tried to photograph fireworks
  16. john3eblover

    first and last pics with my digital rebel :-(

    to make a long story short, i bought a 300d from my chiopractor for $500. Battery pack, flash card, long warranty - it was a good deal. Then he found out that if he took the camera in to Best Buy he could cash in on his warranty and get a 350xt to replace it. So he asked me if he could have it...
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    My B&W Portfolio for class ***not 56k approved***

    Well, my photography class is over. It was pretty cool i guess, i learned how to develope my own film and make prints in the darkroom. It was cool being able to physically handle all of that and having the trial and error of getting the exposure right and all of that, and finally getting a good...
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    D70 with lens for $559??

    I'm just browsing different camera stores online and stuff, and i've seen quite a few very low prices, and i was wondering just exactly what is the catch?? I mean, if i ordered this, would i get it? With the lens? Here is the link for the specific one i'm talking about, but i've looked at A&M...
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    Which one of these is better?

    Ok, tell me which is better. Thanks
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    Empire State Building

    I went to New York City for the first time last weekend, and took a lot of pictures. Some turned out ok, some good, and some not so good. I could post tons, but that wouldn't be a great idea, so here are 2 examples of what i took pictures of. Let me know what you think of them p.s. Taking...