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    vote for strange!

    Strange( my beautiful kitty ) has been entered into the petboro pet contest, for being the pet of the month of september. You can vote for Strange daily so he can get the top votes and win! Please help me out and vote for him as much as you can.
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    i still have alot of learning, this was taken last evening..any comments and help is always accepted. sorry for the grain etc its alot larger than its supposed to be
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    asked to do group shots- help

    i met my old teacher yesterday who asked me what i was up to etc, and i told her i am practicing photography, and shes opening a dance studio and wants me to take photos for her ( black and white ). is there anything i should do to practice before the next couple days when i think she wants me...
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    beginning with a manual film camera.

    i have a praktica mtl5 and a couple lenses, and i would love to know where to start with it, im used to using digital but i love film, knowing how to use exposure and iso, and all would be wonderful. any help is needed please!! i tried my first roll of film with it and my exposure and focus was...
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    carl zeiss jena ddr lense

    how do you focus on a carl zwiss jena drr lense, tessar 2.8/50, i recently got it and ive never used that kind of lense before, i have the model number as well, if anyone could walk me through it, and pics i have of it as well
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    bumble bee

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    hello everyone

    hello, im Joe-Anne, im new to the forum as you all can tell. ive always loved taking photos and started practicing daily and learning all i could, and taking things quite seriously a little over a month ago. so im definatly a beginner. i have gotten some good reviews on a few of my photos and i...
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    nature photos

    i am a beginner so all feedback is welcome