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    Zebra Jumping spider

    first time i'v got a Zebra Jumping spider with the MP-E thanks
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    A crisp

    first time i'v seen one of these on the move ,slimebug 40D and the MP-E 65 3X thanks
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    Plant Hopper

    Planthopper nymph from today 3mm in size thanks
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    bugs from today

    got this big red spidermite this fly thanks
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    Here I come

    40D MP-E 65 F/9 1/200 iso 200 3X mag and crop to keep dof thanks
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    bugs from today

    still cold here not that many bugs thanks
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    got a new monitor and to me my pics looks dark with ps auto level which one of these shots do you like thanks to my eye ps auto level
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    Orb Spiders

    some orb spiders today 40D MP-E 65 3X mag thanks
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    Bark fly

    bark fly nymph 400D MP-E 65 F8 3X mag thanks
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    Springtail 40D and MP-E 65 F9 3X and 3.5X mag thanks
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    antz I can see my house from here red ant thanks
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    eye eye

    eye's & bubble gum thanks
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    IF shots

    things flighing at 1:1 :lol: thanks
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    welcome to the first wasp vs spider match ,in todays match we have in the red corner waspy the 8 times champ and in the blue corner we have spidey the new up and comer round 1 ding ding round 2 ding ding round 3 ding ding now if i can just get the bite in it's all over for you waspy...
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    spider and the fly

    This is why I got a MP-E shot at 1/200 F8 3X 50 % crop on eyes thanks
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    3X to 4X bugs

    is this my best shot with the new lens 400D MP-E 65 3X I know it's not a springtail but it's getting better with this lens MP-E 65 3X thanks
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    3X life size

    3 X life size MP-E some type of larva Thanks
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    40D and the MP-E first shots

    First day with the 40D and my MP-E on it,I've gota say this is so so so good I know it same sencer size as my 400D but it lots better thanks