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  1. squirrels

    Project 365 - Day 54 - Lamppost

    I like it. I'd have had to stare for a long time to figure it out if you hadn't told me. Even still the perspective is playing tricks with my eyes.
  2. squirrels

    Photographers. Taking Pictures. Saving Lives.

    They have those (Project Lifesaver International Bringing Loved Ones Home Radio transmitters and the local police have receivers for them. My little guy has ASD and a tendency to explore so he sports one.
  3. squirrels

    And so my Parkinson's project has started

    Congratulations on starting your project! I'm moved and excited for you and not sure how to express my feelings but wanted to know that I'm sending you supportive thoughts! I'm looking forward to what you post next!
  4. squirrels

    It doesn't flatter her

    I think it is fantastic. I hope your shoots go well! And that you are thinking about sharing some of your thoughts on color and texture/post processing as part of the TPF article initiative thingy. Hint hint?
  5. squirrels

    Abstract Dawn

    #1 for me. I keep going back to look at it.
  6. squirrels

    wish me luck :)

    Wow! Best of luck with this project. I'm so excited to see what you produce! I could look at your work all day. You rock. Squirrels
  7. squirrels

    Shirlyn and Richard

    I love it. If you are looking for nits, the oval shaped break in branches on the left side pulls me away a little. And now that you mentioned to 3rd person, I can't unsee it. I'd be tempted to clone those, but either way I totally adore it.
  8. squirrels

    Ice Rorschach

    The bat symbol! Gotham needs you!
  9. squirrels

    Nature Photo Workshop/Tours, Experiences?

    I was playing with slow shutter speed bird shots at the beach with my MIL and talking about the "pleasing blurs" talk Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris on bhphoto. She (and I) would love to attend their workshops, but whew $$$. Don't think I could pull off a 3 day extravaganza with hotel and...
  10. squirrels

    Christmas Prank

    I think the boys were doing a great job of trying to work through their disappointment without making a big deal out of it. What sweethearts. All the happy whooping at the end totally made me smile!
  11. squirrels

    Not giving up on still life

    I like the first one best, too. Now that he says it, I see runnah's point on the bright blue sponge. The black and white is less intriguing for me (less warmth). I saw your earlier post and I'm enjoying this progression.
  12. squirrels

    My feathered friends :)

    Oooo! I'm in love with the colors in the reflection in #3! And the lines of the legs.
  13. squirrels

    80-200 2.8 Push Pull Locked Up

    Thanks guys! I'm in Virginia. Thinking about shipping it back to KEH for them to work on it. Man, I loved that lens over the breif time we've had together. Or maybe I can ship it to Mr. Photo's guy. Sniff!
  14. squirrels

    80-200 2.8 Push Pull Locked Up

    Dang it. That's what I was afraid of. Wish I liked my local camera place.
  15. squirrels

    Hey look! It's that boy again!

    Ooo! I like it! But that one hair, like a snork, is driving me crazy.
  16. squirrels

    80-200 2.8 Push Pull Locked Up

    Hey Guys, My 80-200 push pull locked up at 80 last night. It's an old lens but still newish to me. I'm doing some wishful thinking that there is a focal length lock mechanism that I haven't learned about yet or found by google. Anybody had one of these and want to break it to me gently that the...
  17. squirrels

    Huge Orb Spider

    It's like a freaky spider AT-AT. I really like the shot, and I'm really freaked out by it. Thanks?
  18. squirrels


    Thanks guys! Designer, yes, you are looking at a shadow on the right cast by the dried vine on the left almost in focus at the top and then totally OOF as it curves toward you. Google image searched Joan Miro, and my four year old swung past the computer "Can I please see that one? No that...
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    Hmmm, I kept thinking I'd submit something for the photo challenge theme for September. Is it bad that I still don't know what month I'm in? Wasn't sure if I was including too much, or if it hohumish, or super cliche, but I liked following the lines. curves Anyway, Happy October! squirrels
  20. squirrels

    Stop spamming the welcome & intro's threads

    I'm still looking for the all you can eat burrito bar. Dang it. ETA, nevermind, found the detailed directions on page 2 or was it 3 of this.