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    Like new condition very little use. works perfect with perfect glass. Shipping to USA Only Lower 48 States. USA import lens. 350.00+ $10.shipping "USA Only"
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    Sony RX10 For Sale USA Only

    Awesome like new condition only 2 months old. Shutter count is 135 activations, perfect working condition. Sony box and all original accessories included Shipping to USA only lower 48 states only.............. $500.00 Paypal shipping $20
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    Canon 80D "Sold"

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    Canon 5D Classic Price

    Check this out Canon Black EOS 5D 12 8 MP Autofocus Digital SLR Camera Body with Charger Bundle 013803056853 eBay do you think there is anyone who would actually buy this thing. But hey you do get shipping for the super low price of only $8.00 !!!
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    Never mind........
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    Admin remove post.

    Not avaible Admin remove post please.
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    Nikon AF Nikkor 70-210 f4-5.6

    Like new condition perfect glass,fast focus. No problems at all. $65.00 shipping $8.00, "USA ONLY" lower 48 states.
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    Opinions on Canon 5D MKI

    Looking for your comments on this body I have a chance to get one for cheap in nice condition, my 1Ds is getting real tired.I'm only looking to do landscapes with my 24mm lens at low iso's.
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    Lowe Pro AW200 Messenger Bag and Black Rapid Strap

    Brand new unused items. Sell for $85.00 + $18.00 shipping. Sell to CONUSA only lower 48 states,thanks for looking. Please email me for pics as the uploader here is freezing my computer don't know why? Sold!
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    Nikon D610/Nikon 24-85 AFS G VR Zoom

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    "For Sale" Nikon D610 Body with Nikon AFS 24-85 @ Nikon 80-200 2.8 (2) Touch Zoom

    Adim please remove this thread,thank you...........
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    Nokkor 180mm f2.8 D

    Ex cond. with caps "please note" there are some blemishes on the front coating that "DO NOT" effect the IQ this lens is tack sharp. Sell CONUSA only $375.00+ $15 shipping
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    Double Rainbow Dome

    Caught this double rainbow over the apartments:
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    Nikon AF180 f2.8 D

    Not Available any more......
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    Nikon D7100 Body in box low shutter count.

    Like new condition with under 500 shutter activations,ships in original box with all items,cd, manuals,strap battery,charger etc. Shipping to "USA Only" lower 48 states. Sell for 895.00 + $35 shipping. Contact me at only thanks.
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    Nikon 12-24 f4

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    Used D700 vs New D610

    I have been thinking of getting a D700 but used prices I see are almost what you can get a brand new D610 for,what gives with the D700 is that good vs the D610??