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  1. LilyBee

    Such beauty

    Took this today in a garden...CC welcome
  2. LilyBee

    Puppy love

    Saw this couple at a carnaval thought it was cute...CC welcome
  3. LilyBee


    Picture of a horse I took today, CC welcome.
  4. LilyBee


    Cows... CC welcome
  5. LilyBee

    Dutch farmland

    Simple but effective I thought. Taken in Dutch farm lands. Used more vibrance in post processing then I normally would but it seemed to fit. CC welcome
  6. LilyBee

    City view

    Taken at night in my city Den Bosch, Holland CC welcome
  7. LilyBee


    Took this pic at a stoplight, noticed the feather on a hedge next to the road. CC welcome
  8. LilyBee


    I took this at night in the city centre of my home town, Den Bosch, Holland. I past this shopwindow and I liked the light so took a pic. CC welcome
  9. LilyBee

    Dutch landscapes

    Comments welcome :)
  10. LilyBee

    On the road

    Comments are welcome :)
  11. LilyBee

    Nursing sheep

    Comments are welcome :)
  12. LilyBee


    Old windmill comments welcome
  13. LilyBee

    bridge to...

    Comments welcome
  14. LilyBee

    Oh the state of things

    Comments welcome
  15. LilyBee

    Had a heart of glass

    comments welcome
  16. LilyBee

    Tools of the trade

    My house was being renovated and the painter left his stuff behind... Comments welcome
  17. LilyBee

    Young and old in the sun (street)

    Comments welcome
  18. LilyBee

    Pretty on the phone (street)

    Saw this girl on the street like her pose etc Comments welcome
  19. LilyBee

    Into the woods

    Comments welcome
  20. LilyBee

    Clinical depression

    Comments welcome