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    Havnt posted my work in a while so here we go. Am older portrait of a friend at a paintball tournament that i finally had time to edit: I am normally not a fan of selective coloring...its overused and "cliche"ish but anyways I think it worked out ok for this shot. C&C is welcome!
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    the brother

    was just messing around with my little bro taking some pics. Not the most exciting stuff. Not much emotion either. More looking for C & C on my style of shooting. lighting, dark or light, etc. what do you think? Thanks ahead of time! 1 2: will be up later tonight, i have to get ready for...
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    Check IT Check IT

    So Im new to the forums basicly just wanted to say whats up and see what people think of my newest self portraits. C&C is always good so attack at will :greenpbl: very minimal photoshop on the first one, second one has more on it Here is one for now but ill get the others up in a few...