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    Real Estate Photographer wanting other sources of income

    I am a Professional Real Estate Photographer and have photographed about 6000+ homes and businesses since I got started. I shoot about 5 to 8 houses per day and spend my late nights processing photos. I have tried outsourcing the processing with unsatisfactory results. I am trapped working every...
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    Need CLA/Repair on Canon AE-1

    Need repair/CLA on Canon AE-1 All references to anyone that does these repairs is very old. Is there anyone still doing this kind of work?
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    Need advice about video, low light with movement

    I do a lot of real estate photography and have been doing video but I am not completely happy with the results. These environments are low light with movement, I'm doing walk-throughs, not pans or slides, my customers don't like that. They prefer the walk-through... To solve this problem I am...
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    Need to automate blending of bracketed photos.

    I shoot 300 to 500 bracketed photos per day. I spend quite a bit of my processing time just selecting three photos at a time and blending them together. Is there any software out there that does a good job of automating this process? Currently I use the "LR Enfuse" plugin for Lightroom 4... no...
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    First roll through the Argus 75

    I shot a roll in my Argus 75 about two years and just now had them processed. here are a few....
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    I want a TLR

    A RolleiFlex would be nice but they seem a bit expensive. is it possible to get a decent one for under $300? If not, what is a good less expensive TLR to look for? a Yashica? Any other models? Thanks...
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    Canon A-1 with Stuck AV/TV Selector

    Camera has been stored a while and the AV/TV selector is stuck, stuck solid! any tricks to unsticking it? Also, have a 35-105mm lens with some internal haze, any suggestions for who can repair?
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    IR Only Pentax *istD DSLR 720nm

    Excellent condition Pentax *istD DSLR converted for Infrared in 720nm. It just sits in my camera bag and never gets used! so I'm selling.... Camera body only with body cap... $500 + shipping (CONUS) Here is a sample photo: Here is the actual camera:
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    Two Canon AE-1 bodies

    Two Canon AE-1 bodies for sale. One is functioning great, the other one's film advance lever does not engage. Both look great, see photos. $50 for the pair, actual shipping to CONUS only. functioning body: non-functional body:
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    Found some very old negatives, need to scan

    While looking through some of my mother's things, I found some very old negatives, from the 40's and 50's, these certainly are not 35mm negatives, they are about the size and shape of a business card, maybe a little larger. What is the best method for scanning these? Just simply scanning them...
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    WANTED: Rewinder knob and crank for Pentax MV

    I need a replacement rewinder knob/crank for Pentax MV :D
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    My first attempt at IR, tell me what you think?

    Composition was ignored, just trying to capture an IR image. <Pentax *istD, 18-55mm II, Hoya Filter>
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    I want a TLR

    And I have no idea what to get! I see the Rollei's, Yashica's, etc. etc. on eBay alot. But have no idea which one to get. Are there decent one's to be had for less than $100 to get started with? Do any of them have light meters? (optional, I have a hand held meter).
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    Do any of the big store chains do NON-C41 film developing?

    Or, if they do, is it even worth letting them do it? I don't mind using A&I or someone like that, I just want a quicker solution, but not at a huge reduction in quality.
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    Light meter?

    I have a couple of old cameras with no built in meter. I would like to buy an older(or modern?) handheld meter. I don't even know where to start. Can someone make some recomendations? I see some old meters on eBay, but like I said, I'm not sure what to get.
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    Sony 6mp sensor (Nikon, Pentax)

    I recently acquired a Pentax *istD, it was listed as a "demo" model, It suffered from something I never even knew about: "hot pixels". I kept seeing these bright spots on my jpegs. I sent the camera back for repair or refund. I purchased another *istD with a lower shutter count, an open box...
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    At the ballpark, feedback welcome

    I took this last night at my daughter's softball game.
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    online/mail order film processing?

    Which of the companies that do film processing through mail order, if any, would be recommended?
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    Pentax 50mm 1:2 lens, focus ring not functional.

    I have an old Pentax lens with a dent in the front ring, the manual focus no longer works. Make an offer.
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    Auto Focus is not functioning

    Just bought a used Pentax ZX-7 and separately bought a used Pentax SMC A 35-80 f4-5.6 lens. The auto focus does not function, I have the white dot set to "A". The camera will sense when it is in focus but it will not focus automatically. Does this sound like I have a malfunctioning lens? or...