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  1. BigRC

    Photo Display Software

    I am looking for some sort of software, that will cycle through photos, showing multiple photos on screen along with filename of each one. The only kind of software I can compare it to is the software at amusement parks that takes displays your photo as you exit a rollercoaster. I am doing...
  2. BigRC

    Question about setting up online purchasing options for my website.

    Hi guys. I've got a question that hopefully someone may be able to help me with. I recently picked up a client that wants me to do multiple event photography for her throughout the year. She wants clients/guests to have the opportunity to buy photographs directly from a website. I've looked...
  3. BigRC

    Just some randoms...

    [/img] I hope that's not overkill... just wanted to share. Comment if you want!
  4. BigRC

    Starting a small portrait studio.

    Ok, here's the situation. I'm starting a small portrait studio, and I have a few questions for anyone that may be able to answer them. 1. Digital backdrops. Are they worth it, or worthless? 2. Pricing. I'm not a professional studio photographer, but I'm above average. What's a good starting...
  5. BigRC

    Lighting kit

    I'm currently looking to buy a lighting kit for studio shots. Things I'm looking for in a kit are... 1. Fast recharge (in between shots) on the studio flashes. 2. Flashes with enough power to illuminate possible 2 or 3 full bodied persons. 3. Portability... something that can be set up/tore...
  6. BigRC


    Took some photos for a friend and his GF. This is one of my favs. Let me know what ya think ;)
  7. BigRC

    Stand up!

    Been a while. Just thought I'd pop in and contribute something. :-)
  8. BigRC

    More kitties...

    Ahh... the life of a cat. I think maybe I was a cat in a previous life maybe. I don't know why I love taking photo's of cats, I've taken hundreds so far. This is one of my first attempts at B&W. Be gentle. ;) Going on a trip, be back in a few days!
  9. BigRC

    Concert photos

    Some recent pics from a performance my brother had.
  10. BigRC

    Just playing... :WARNING: Not a very nice bird...

    Just got a little on the creative side and started goofing around with a pic. This is what I came up with. Sorry about the bird, it wasn't meant for anyone in particular. :p Still working on getting the group picture to look more "drawn". Playing around with some brushes right now...
  11. BigRC

    Hi yah! (kick, punch, exhale)

    Finish HIM!
  12. BigRC

    Finally got outside...

    Finally had a nice day outside... got to snap a couple shots! Let me know what ya think! :) Critique is welcomed...
  13. BigRC

    Possibly my favorite photo ever...

    I love this photo...
  14. BigRC

    Here kitty kitty kitty...

    Couple cat pics of my cat... MEOW
  15. BigRC

    Just some random pics. Not so 56k friendly....

    Still just playing with my new digicam. No studio or anything like that yet. It's freezing out, so I don't do many outside shots. Let me know what ya think. :) Thanks for looking!
  16. BigRC

    Building a complete studio for less then $100

    Here's an excellent tutorial on how to!
  17. BigRC

    In need of a PHP script... any help greatly appreciated.

    I've got a site I'm wanting to create for the sharing of my pictures. I was wondering if anyone had any PHP code that allows uploading via html and autothumnailing and autopage creation. I know some html, but am not very familiar with PHP. I've looked around for some code, but haven't found any...
  18. BigRC

    A few of my first photos.

    Just thought I'd share a few of my first pics with everyone. Let me know what ya think! :)
  19. BigRC

    Hello, just got my first digi cam...

    Hi, Names Rick. Just got my first digicam, looking for a few places to share some photos, and look at others creations. Hope to have a good time, and share some experiences, Happy New Year!