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    Mamiya RB67 Professional $400 shipped (USA)

    Mamiya RB67 Professional, WLF, new focusing screen, revolving back, 120 roll film back, 90mm- C lens, all new seals, CLAed last month, camera is in EXCELENT CONDITION. I'll pay shipping in USA only. E-mail me for pic or questions at AUTOMAX1@JUNO.COM Paul NYC
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    Anyone have experiance with Media Street bulk ink?

    A friend recently bought the Media Street Bulk Ink loader for his Epson 1280. Prior to this he was using Epson inks which rendered perfect prints although getting fairly expensive, but since swiching to the bulk loader, his prints look like crap. Anyone have any experiance with this system...
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    Wratten filters & B&W in PS or ELements

    I was playing with PS and thought how nice it might be to take a color pic and try out different B&W effects such as using different wratten filers. I searched the internet for PS plugins and found one filter simulator, a standalone program not a plugin, that just overlayed a colored filter...