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  1. cbarnard7

    Loch Vale Reflections

    Hi All- Went on a hike to Loch Vale in Rocky Mountain National Park with my brother. I waited until the sun dipped behind the peaks and took this when the reflected light blanketed everything in soft, pastel colors. Hope you like it
  2. cbarnard7

    Last Light

    Hi All- Took this at Rocky Mountain National Park last week. This open meadow was only about 1 1/2 miles past the trail head and I was one of 3 people there. Waited until sunset just watching the animals (including a moose) eat dinner and this beautiful pink/purple sky washed over the...
  3. cbarnard7


    Hi All- Went on a beautiful solo hike at Brainard Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Along with being a beautiful place to explore, it was one of my most successful photo hikes. Hiking through the dark forest, with the sun shining through the trees, made it an ethereal experience...
  4. cbarnard7

    Dream Lake (RMNP)

    Hi All- Got out for a short solo hike into Rocky Mountain National Park. Waited and hoped for some clouds, although it was calling for clear skies. Got very lucky and just after sunset the clouds illuminated a beautiful dark orange and red. Great day in the mountains.
  5. cbarnard7

    Rocky Mountain Views

    Hi All- Went for a hike with my family yesterday in Rocky Mountain NP because it's fairly close to our house and it's National Park week (get outside!). It was beautiful weather and I thought this composition portrayed the feeling of openness and being outside. Cheers
  6. cbarnard7

    Driving into the Sun

    Hi All- I took this shot on my trip to Southwest Colorado to do some hiking this last weekend. The clouds were from a big storm rolling in. Cheers!
  7. cbarnard7

    Winding Road into the Light

    Hi All- Took this at Cherry Creek State Park on one of the many days I visit with my young daughter. 3-shot bracketed exposure as there was a lot of dynamic range. Cheers, Chris
  8. cbarnard7

    Boulder Sunset

    Hi All- Took this a little while back (but just now posting it) at Castlewood Canyon State Park. Warm light on cold rocks. Cheers, Chris
  9. cbarnard7

    Sand Dunes or Snow Dunes?

    Hi All- I braved the cold, windy temperatures the other day (18F) and went out shooting a little. I was interested in the foreground, as it reminded me of when I lived in Florida- the beaches on the gulf had these coastal grasses that sat covered in sand. The only difference being that I...
  10. cbarnard7

    Snowy Train Ride

    Hi All- Caught this train going by as I was photographing the sunset. I think it makes for a cool winter scene.
  11. cbarnard7

    Looking Out

    Hi All- Took this the other day while hiking with my daughter. It was warm and relaxing.
  12. cbarnard7

    Under Starry Skies

    Hi All- I've been wanting to take the "tent under the stars" photo for a while now. Unfortunately, having a pregnant wife and a toddler doesn't make for much camping these days. I finally got my opportunity, but the conditions were against me. There were 30+ mph wind gusts (I forgot how...
  13. cbarnard7

    Great Sand Dunes Panorama

    Hi All- Here's another one from my GSD set. This is a 6-photo stitch: Cheers, Chris
  14. cbarnard7

    Great Sand Dunes National Park

    Hi All- Went on a solo camping trip the other day to the very beautiful, very quiet Sand Dunes National Park. It was the day before Thanksgiving, so nobody was there...had the whole place to myself! Here is a 3-shot stitch:
  15. cbarnard7

    Sunset Mountain Road

    Hi All- Took this right after sunset as I was leaving Mt. Bierstadt (see this gallery for another photo in the set). Super peaceful and I enjoyed the lines. I'm not a motorcyclist, but I'd imagine those who are would love this ride. Cheers!
  16. cbarnard7

    Sunset Lake

    Hi All- Went hiking yesterday near Mt. Bierstadt. There were zero clouds in the sky all day, so I knew my real chance at a sunset photo was this. It was calm, peaceful and there wasn't a person within miles. Cheers!
  17. cbarnard7

    Maroon Bells Sunrise

    Hi All- I went camping with the family last weekend at a cool little ranch high in Colorado mountain country. It was the first time I've seen so many yellow aspens at one time. I decided to wake up at 4am and head to Maroon Bells for sunrise. It was quite the feat sneaking out of a...
  18. cbarnard7


    Hi All- I've been wanting to take photos at the park near my house for a while. We go for walks with our daughter and I almost always see sun rays flowing through the trees at golden hour. Yesterday, my wife was playing football and I was Mr. Dad. As I was pushing the stroller around the park I...
  19. cbarnard7

    Red Rocks Amphitheatre

    Hi All- I live about 45 minutes from the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre. During the day, it's filled with people running the steps or doing yoga. At night, it becomes host to awesome bands. Since it was built, it has hosted some big acts such as : The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Dave Matthews...
  20. cbarnard7

    City Park Sunset

    Hi All- Went out with the family last night and saw some nice colors as the sun dipped behind the mountains. Took the opportunity to photograph a couple enjoying the peacefulness of the park. Let me know what you think. Cheers, Chris Edited for correct photo