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  1. Everybodylikepie

    Night Shot - First try with RAW

    no one else?
  2. Everybodylikepie

    Night Shot - First try with RAW

    I was please with how well the colors came out. I also shot it in RAW. I didn't mean to make the two seem related.
  3. Everybodylikepie

    Night Shot - First try with RAW

    Hi all, this is one of my first shots shooting in RAW. I was really pleased with how well it came out. The colors came out well, IMHO, although the content/composition is a little boring. Let me know what you think.
  4. Everybodylikepie

    Waiting on the morning Train

    Beautiful shot, nonetheless!
  5. Everybodylikepie

    My German Shepherd Klaus (x6)

    I really like the close crop on the first one.
  6. Everybodylikepie

    noob photography

    For number 4, for instance, EXIF indicates that you were shooting 1/64 at f5.6 if you use a larger aperture (lower F value) you will be able to use a slower shutter speed. Does your camera have a manual mode?
  7. Everybodylikepie

    Another Texan

    I think the expectation is that you will alert users to explicit content by including "NSFW" (Not Safe for Work) in thread titles and/or by any links you post.
  8. Everybodylikepie

    Asking Permission?

    :thumbdown: Poor taste.
  9. Everybodylikepie

    Cruise Ship Photography

    I don't know if you've read this or not but this looks informative:
  10. Everybodylikepie

    CXBL Event #2 Pics (PAINTBALL!!)

    I agree with the others that #17 is great with the ball exiting and the puff of gas exiting the barrel.
  11. Everybodylikepie

    Eagle Scout photo... C&C please

    Fellow Eagle here. First of all, the colors are good. Too bad they'll never be reproduced well, if at all in a newspaper. Also, it seems as if there are several elements missing from his uniform. The red epaulette is missing from his visible shoulder and the world brotherhood patch is...
  12. Everybodylikepie

    Canon 400d deer pics have gone blue in sunlight ?

    Its just your white balance that seems to be off.
  13. Everybodylikepie

    yawning cat

    Yawning cat photos often make the cat look like it's yelping or biting. However, you did a good job with this one in actually portraying the yawn. Perhaps it has something to do with the way the cat's body is positioned. Therefore, I have to disagree with the above poster, and say that the...
  14. Everybodylikepie

    Spring Wreaths - first photo with new d40

    First post with new camera and no love? :no smile:
  15. Everybodylikepie

    a photoshop photo

    The level of detail is very good. Perhaps too good for the model's sake. This is not to say anything negative about the model, but rather, sometimes there can be too much detail shown of one's face. I like what you've done with the eyes, as well.
  16. Everybodylikepie

    Where were you when the llights went...

    Was forced to go out and shoot instead of looking at everyone else's shots. *GASP!* I'll post some pics up later.
  17. Everybodylikepie

    Longwood Gardens

    Numbers 5 and 6 are my favorites. I really like the macro.
  18. Everybodylikepie

    Spring Wreaths - first photo with new d40

    Hey all. I posted one of my first shots with the new D40 up last night. Thanks to my excellent luck (but don't blame me!) the server went down and this post was one of those lost. Here's one of my first pictures posted here, so be gentle! Anticipating criticism, I know the closest...
  19. Everybodylikepie

    first photo to forum

    I really like the POV, here! :thumbup:
  20. Everybodylikepie

    D40 Lens Hood

    Nevermind. I figured it out. They didn't use the 18-55 for the tutorial, which is weird.