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  1. RockDawg

    How to clean stubborn filters

    I have a couple Hoya filters that I can't seem to get clean for the life of me. I've tried cleaning them with a brand new lens cloth and also tried it with some distilled water. Nothing seems to get them clean. They appear to have smears/smudges and when I wipe them the smears move and...
  2. RockDawg

    Is the Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di 1:1 full frame?

    I have a Nikon D80 now, but if I choose full frame in the future, will the Tamron be compatible?
  3. RockDawg

    Autumn creek

    Looking for some C&C on this shot. What could I have done better? Click here for larger image.
  4. RockDawg

    Why does my computer want to format my sd card?

    I have a Kingston 2GB SD card and it works fine in my D80 and my laptop reads pictures off it fine. But when I put it in my desktop, it complains that I need to format it before I can use it. Has anyone experienced this before? What should I do? I thought about going ahead and formatting...
  5. RockDawg

    Pittsburgh cityscape at night

    I'm looking for some C&C on this shot. I took it from an observation deck so I know the view probably isn't that original. But with that in mind, what could I have done better?
  6. RockDawg

    Looking for some C&C on a couple shots

    I'm looking for some input on these two shots. I struggle to with composition and finding interesting shots. This first one was taken at a really cool, old cemetery, but this is the only interesting shot I came away with. I intentionally allowed the background in focus because I liked it...
  7. RockDawg

    An orange sky after storm.

    I took these a week or so ago shortly after a storm. It was also shortly after sunset. It was amazing how orange it was. Looking for some C&C. 1. 2. 3.
  8. RockDawg

    Bridge support

    Here are a couple shots that I hoped would convey a sense of geometric symmetry alnogside everyday architecture . #1 also contains some landscape bordering the shot whereas #2 is strictly structural. I'm looking for some C&C and please don't be afraid to be harsh. The more honest the better...
  9. RockDawg

    What's your workflow (for PC)?

    Believe it or not, I've searched this topic quite a bit, but it entails so many different things that I can't get many ideas on the perspective I'm looking for. I am speaking strictly of software used and file format/management. I'm not looking for info on what post processing you perform on...
  10. RockDawg

    How can I make ViewNX the default in Windows?

    I wasn't sure how to phrase the subject for this but you know how when you insert your SD card into a card reader a window pops up asking you what program to launch? I want it to default to ViewNX, butit's not even in the list. How can a get it to appear in the list?
  11. RockDawg

    What are the extraneous files on my SD card

    I've been curious... What are those "non-picture" files on my SD card? For example, my card contains NIKON001.DSC in the root of the card and a folder named MISC that contains ORDER.NJB and TRANSMRK.NJB. What are these and what are they used for. I assume they are used by the camera, but for...
  12. RockDawg

    Why no metadata breakdown in LR?

    I have Lightroom and I'm pretty new to it, but something seems wrong with the way mine is set up or working. When I'm in the Library module the Metadata Browser on the left lists a bunch of categories like camera, aperture, and lens, but nothing is listed under them. For example under aperture I...
  13. RockDawg

    FS: Nikon D40 kit with circ polarizer

    I recently found a good deal on a D80 (which fits my big hands better) and now I need to sell my D40. I bought it brand new about 15 months ago. It's in excellent condition without a single scratch, nick, or any signs of wear. All text markings are perfect and the LCD screen doesn't have a...
  14. RockDawg

    Which lens would you choose

    I just purchased a Nikon D80 body and had to get the lens seperately. I narrowed my decision down to three lenses. The selection was mainly determined by price, but I also wanted a decent walk around lens. I've already made my choice and purchased the lens, but I'm curiousl which you all...
  15. RockDawg

    What's the difference between different circular polarizers?

    I am looking to buy a circular polarizer for my Nikon 18-70 lens and I'm a bit confused on the different types. Take the 67mm Hoya for example. at Adorama they list: Hoya 67mm Circular Polarizer Glass Filter Hoya 67mm Circular Polarizer Multi Coated Glass Filter Hoya 67mm Extra Thin...
  16. RockDawg

    Why does my moon look like the sun?I took this

    I took this shoot a couple nights ago. My wife came home from work and thought the moon looked pretty and thought I should take a couple photos of it. Even though I knew neither my 18-55 kit lens nor the local landscape/scene in front of my house would provide a very compelling shot, I figured...
  17. RockDawg

    Park shots. Looking for soime C&C.

    I'm looking for some educated opinions on these shots I took at a local metropark. 1. 2. 3. 4. I'd appreciate the input. :thumbup:
  18. RockDawg

    Sunshine on a cloudy day

    Yet another newbian step on my way towards achieving a "photographic eye". I'm curious what y'all think.
  19. RockDawg

    What can be done with this photo?

    I'm pretty new to photgraphy and completely clueless when it comes to Photoshop or post processing. I'm trying to get an idea of the practical uses and what can be achieved with some of the tools available. This photo is obviously over-exposed. Can someone show me how well this can be...
  20. RockDawg

    Newb looking for some C&C

    I'm pretty much new to photography in general, but I've been reading a lot and playing around with my D40. These are my first attempts at shooting in manual mode or in the snow (like I said I'm a newb so pretty much everything I do is a first :lol: ). Let me know what you think and be honest...