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  1. Heitz

    Nikon F2AS

    Its amazing to me that a film camera produced in the 70's still commands hundreds of dollars -- at least on ebay. The versions I've been looking at with the DP-12 finder cannot be had for less than $200, often $300. Talk about holding value.
  2. Heitz

    3 Family portraits for C & C if you please

    Just looking for impressions! 1) 2) 3)
  3. Heitz

    D800 & IR photography?

    Want to get a filter to try out IR photography with my D800. I usually buy B+W, but in my research I've found numerous suggestions for the Hoya R-72 720 nm filter. Anyone have any suggestions, I'm all ears.
  4. Heitz

    professional headshot: c & c please

    My first time trying to do a 'professional' headshot for a friend. I used a 2 light setup, and during the shoot I was thinking I was nailing it, but now I'm not sure the lighting was great. Perhaps too dramatic for a professional shot? Opinions appreciated.
  5. Heitz

    painting with light

    eh, sometimes you get lucky RPH_2539 by rheitz1, on Flickr
  6. Heitz

    Beach cabana and dock

    Playing with long exposure.
  7. Heitz

    Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

    Saw this on fstoppers. Great stuff. Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were | Fstoppers
  8. Heitz

    Giant sea turtle

    Caught this snorkeling in Mexico. Used the Nikonos V. Have to thank cgipson1 who suggested this camera. Thanks, Charlie! It was my first time using film, and I'm not that happy with the grain I'm seeing at ISO 400. Perhaps the film I chose was crap. Edit: I just checked: it was Fujifilm...
  9. Heitz

    Milky Way picture (C & C)

    38 seconds at f/4.5, ISO 3200, D800. Kinda wonky settings for astrophotography, I know.
  10. Heitz

    Dslr too big for every day! What should i get?

    I love my D800. I love carrying my huge lenses and speed lights around and looking awesome, important, and strange simultaneously. However, I'm not packing it and lugging it every day, which makes me sad. I want something I can toss in my pocket or at least a small shoulder bag. What do you...
  11. Heitz

    Lens fogging issue - need i worry?

    Hey, currently in the Caribbean, getting some great photo opportunities. I'm noticing, though, that my nikkor D lenses are fogging when going from air conditioned room to outdoors. I'm trying to keep them in my bag for a bit to equate temps, but I'm still having the issue. It *appears* to...
  12. Heitz

    Pushing film?

    I'm just getting into film. I've read that some people will 'push' iso 400 film instead of using iso 800 film. Is this recommended? Does this mean I should shoot the 400 film at 800, or let the film be underexposed and have the lab push it? Thanks.
  13. Heitz

    Recent photo shoot (C&C)

    Just a few from a recent photo shoot with a great new family. 1) 2) 3) 4)
  14. Heitz

    Problem with highlights

    I find myself constantly pulling the 'highlights' slider in LR down all the way. Like, most of the time. I'm starting to think I'm either doing something wrong or thinking there's a problem when there isn't. Here's an example of a recent picture for which I did *not* pull down the highlights...
  15. Heitz

    Focusing screen for D800

    Anybody know of one? Seems like no ones producing them
  16. Heitz

    Need vacation lens advice

    Ok here's the dilemma. Going to Mexico. Using d800. I've got 20 - 50 mm more than covered. With those and my flash, I can fit 1 more large lens in my bag. I'm not buying any new lenses just yet so the options are: (1) My 85 1.4D, which is FF, legendary, etc, but leaves me no additional tele...
  17. Heitz

    6mm lens sees behind itself

    This is awesome! Only £100,000.
  18. Heitz

    You are not a photographer (.com)

    I'm sure many of you know of this site already, but in case not, its hilarious! You Are Not a Photographer | Exposing fauxtographers since 2011
  19. Heitz

    MeFoto Backpacker travel tripod review

    I recently purchased this MeFoto Backpacker (by Benro) to take with me on travels. I usually don't do gushing product reviews, but this thing is really well made and wonderfully engineered, so I wanted to share. 1) here it is alongside my Mafrotto 190XPROB, a full-size and sturdy tripod. The...
  20. Heitz

    New type of brolly - snake oil?

    I can't see that this makes sense. Strobist: Is This the Future of Umbrellas?