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  1. Matt Friedman

    Using Film to Teach and Talk About the Past

    I have launched a new website as an extension of my research into American memorial practice. I am a historian (at Rutgers University), and I have been using film for the past year, or so, to document public memorial across the country. Quite apart from my love of film photography, this project...
  2. Matt Friedman

    Pentax ME Super Problem/Question

    I just picked up a Pentax ME Super. I mostly shoot Minoltas, but I thought I'd branch out a bit. Seems like a nice camera, but I can't seem to get the shutter to fire. This is the situation: I have fresh batteries in the battery compartment, and the light meter lights up, and displays correctly...
  3. Matt Friedman

    Olympus OM-2000 sticking mirror

    I know the OM-2000 isn't a REAL Olympus (it is so obviously a Cosina that, if it had a K-mount, it's be a Ricoh), but I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix a sticking mirror. The issue: When I press the shutter button, the shutter clicks, and the mirror stays up. This does not happen all...
  4. Matt Friedman

    Instant/Polaroid SLR?

    I'm just curious... Did anyone ever market a system SLR for instant film?
  5. Matt Friedman

    Dare I?

    I have never shot expired film. But this roll of Kodak Gold 200, from 2003, was lying in the bottom of a photo bag a friend gave me. What can I expect?
  6. Matt Friedman

    Minolta XD11 Light Meter

    A question about another of my XD11s. This one is very clean, and shutter fires perfectly, BUT it seems to have developed an issue with the light meter. The meter is not COMPLETELY dead, in fact it functions about half of the time. On the other hand, half the time, the over range-indicator arrow...
  7. Matt Friedman

    Henri Cartier Bresson: India in Full Frame

    <Link removed> an exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York.
  8. Matt Friedman

    Garry's Camera Repair?

    One of my Minolta XD11s has developed a shutter lag, and I'd like to have a CLA on it. Does anyone have experience with, or opinions of Garry's Camera Repair? Do you have any recommendations for an affordable CLA? In the NYC area, I'm looking at about $150-$200. I'd like to save on that, if...
  9. Matt Friedman

    Focusing screen repair/replacement options

    I just acquired a new (to me) Minolta XD-11. I love the XD-11, and this is my third and, by far, the best condition. It's super-clean, the metering is flawless, and the leatherette is like-new. The only problem is that the focusing screen in as dirty as hell -- in fact, it seems to be damaged...
  10. Matt Friedman

    Crown Fountain, Millennium Park, Chicago

    Some pictures of people cooling off in the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park on a really hot day (August 19) when I was visiting my spouse in Chicago. Ilford Delta 400 at box speed, scans from negatives.
  11. Matt Friedman

    Driftwood and Ocean

    This is a quick-and dirty scan from a not-great print to introduce myself. Ilford HP5 at box speed, print on generic Grade 2 (I think) paper (what they had in the campus darkroom). But I like the shot a lot, and I'll put up a better scan when I have the chance. This is at Sandy Hook beach in New...
  12. Matt Friedman


    I guess I should introduce myself. I've been a photographer for many years. I started when my dad brought a Pentax Spotmatic 2 home when I was a kid. I still have that camera. Continued through high school and college, and in my first career as a journalist. But I fell out of photography after...
  13. Matt Friedman

    Minolta Power Question

    I am a pretty experienced Minolta film camera user. I've had three X700s (I still have two of them), a SR-T 202 (I still have it), a SR-T SC II, and an XG-M. I just picked up an XE-7 at an estate sale, and I can't seem to get it to work. I'm stumped. The problem seems to be that it is not...