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  1. goooner

    Long tailed Tit

    Hi everyone, have not posted any photos recently. Shot this guy while sitting on our balcony. 1st time I've ever seen one, let alone in our garden :1219:
  2. goooner

    Safari-Pilansberg South africa

    Been away from the forum for a while, glad to be back. Spent 4 days in Pilansberg SA, and had a great time. Saw some things I've never seen before, did not manage to snap everything, but got a few shots regardless. Will update this thread as I get through all my photos. Thanks for looking, as...
  3. goooner

    LR problem/question

    Hi everyone, I broke my LR. Problem is that one photo seem to be always selected. And when I scroll, or use the arrows to go to the next photo it only switches between these two photos, and does not continue to next. In both Library, and and develeop mode. It seems like there is always a...
  4. goooner


    Which means the birds and the bees are out. As always, C&C more than welcome. #1 European Robin announcing spring #2 A bee, doing what a bee does.
  5. goooner

    Hamburg zoo

    Hi everyone, have not been able to post very much recently. Visited Hamburg a short while back, and got a few keepers. As always C&C always welcome. #1 Redneck #2 For Snowbear #3 Peacock #4 Female Walrus taking a breath #5 Lioness dozing #6 Definitely sizing me up
  6. goooner


    Hi everyone, have not been on much lately. Went to a classic car exhibition and tried out my newish 90mm/2.8 Tamron Macro. Not sure if I like the B&W more than the colour. Kind of like the yellowish background, in the colour, and the silvery shine in the B&W. As always, C&C more than welcome.
  7. goooner

    Blue Tit

    Found a nest in our local park. Positioned myself under a bush, and waited for the parents to come. Was windy and tricky with the 150-600. This one came out nicely. I left soon afterwards, as they were visibly disturbed with me being there. They get tamer later in the season though. As always...
  8. goooner

    Small Medieval Church

    Hi everyone, hope everyone has had a good festive period. I've not been posting much due to a heave work load, but will try and make time for this wonderful forum more next year. Took these shot on a recent walk in southern Germany. I'm pretty new to B&W processing so any c&c will be...
  9. goooner

    Some zoo snaps with the new lens

    Took my new Tammy 90 macro to our local 'zoo'. The more I use the lens the more I like it. As always C&C more than welcome. #1 Northern bald Ibis #2 Gila monster-up close #3 Blue tongue skink #4 Foxface #5 Yellow tang
  10. goooner

    New gear

    Finally got my 'Nikon' macro lens I was yearning for since I switched brands. It's the new Tamron 90/2.8. Tuned it yesterday with the dock, and went out to snap a few pics. Think they came out well enough, lack of sharpness probably user error. As always C&C more than welcome. #1 Moss #2 Leaf...
  11. goooner

    Zoo visit (pic heavy)

    I've not been posting much due to work commitments. Was at the Zoo in Munich this week and took a few shots. As always, C&C more than welcome. #1 Siberian tiger (my favourite, no zoo background) #2 African lion #3 Drill female #4 Drill male and young one (having his butt picked) #5...
  12. goooner

    Some flowers

    Went for a photo walk earlier this evening, went looking for squirrels and birds, but found none. Was quite late so the light was bad, so I decided to play with shallow DOF, and see how it goes. I liked these. As always C&C more than welcome. #1 #2 #3 #4
  13. goooner

    Blue Tit, and European Robin

    I've been practising using lower shutter speed with the 150-600. Think these were @200th. As always C&C more than welcome. #1 #2 #3 #4
  14. goooner

    Macro Lens

    I'm in the market for a macro lens in the 90-105mm range. I've tested the Nikon 105/2.8 and the new Tamron 90/2.8 and can honestly not see any difference between the 2. i was little annoyed that I can't use the largest aperture (2.8) on either lens when close focussing. The salesman said that it...
  15. goooner

    My 1st Owls

    Went to a park in Munich where there are at least 6 Tawny owls. I found 3 :allteeth: As always C&C more than welcome. #1 #2 #3
  16. goooner

    Some tits and a moulting European Jay

    Got some shots on the balcony over the weekend. Got this shot through the open balcony door of the Jay with a pretty big moulting problem. As always, C&C more than welcome. #1 #2 Immature blue tit #3 Greater tit #4 Greater tit
  17. goooner

    Rising moon

    Don't take many moon shots, but this caught my eye, had some great light. As always, C&C welcome.
  18. goooner

    Lion Statue

    Saw this on my little photo walk on Saturday. The lion was in front of our local court, and the snake woman was on the facade, not sure who she is or what she is supposed to represent. As always, C6C more than welcome, I don't do a lot of B&W #1 #2
  19. goooner

    Meet Bonnie

    Had the pleasure of spending time with the old girl over the last couple of days. Thought these came out quite nicely. I'm having real trouble focusing on an 'on rushing' dog tbh. I've tried different focus settings on my D7200, but have not found the right one yet. I was using a Tamron...
  20. goooner

    A couple of tits

    Blue ones to be exact, the 'greyer' one is still a juvenile. As always C&C more than welcome. #1 #2