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  1. mgblunt

    Another of Ivory

    Another of Ivory from a family photo shoot.
  2. mgblunt

    Tripod for photography

    I need a recommendation for a good tripod primarily for photography for under $150.00
  3. mgblunt

    Lexi at homecoming

  4. mgblunt

    Working on seperation CC welcome

    I used a ND filter with a shoot through umbrella held by my wife off camera. This is my attempt to create separation from my subject and the background. Nikon D3200 35mm prime lense Variable ND filter Flashpoint manual R2 flash
  5. mgblunt

    Portrait lighting ideas

    I recently finally got my studio set up and have been working on clam shell lighting and have that down very well with great results, my question what is another set up for lighting that I can work on to improve my skills something I can do in a small studio I have two large soft boxes four...
  6. mgblunt

    Winery smiles

  7. mgblunt

    Sarah two color

    My first attempt at selective color C&C welcome
  8. mgblunt

    First attempt at panning

    My son Ryan I was experimenting with panning I think I was around f8 1/60 sec
  9. mgblunt

    My son and his wife

    Shot this at Big Bear lake California using a variable ND filter and a large flashbender.
  10. mgblunt

    High desert

    Cruising across the New Mexico desert and I couldn't help myself but to stop and take a picture of this scene .
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    DSC_0070 by Mike Blunt, on Flickr
  12. mgblunt

    Evening at Energy lake Ky.

    Evening at Energy lake Ky.
  13. mgblunt

    Purple majesty

    purple majesty by Mike Blunt, on Flickr
  14. mgblunt

    Sun gate

    Sun gate by Mike Blunt, on Flickr
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    Gargoyle by Mike Blunt, on Flickr DSC_0008 by Mike Blunt, on Flickr
  16. mgblunt

    Southern bell

    Southern bell 2 by Mike Blunt, on Flickr
  17. mgblunt

    Snarky Yorkie!

  18. mgblunt

    The mill house at Allie springs

    Alley springs by Mike Blunt, on Flickr
  19. mgblunt

    Arkansas worm cam

    Ark sky by Mike Blunt, on Flickr Taken at dawn on Arkansas farm land. Nikon D3200 ISO 200 40mm f/13 1/50 sec
  20. mgblunt

    Country road

    The beauty of fall in the Ozark's. Country road by Mike Blunt, on Flickr Nikon D3200 35mm prime ISO 800 f/4.0 1/640 sec