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  1. Moni

    Like Photos???

    Hello Everyone! I am an old member of TPF. Due to personal reasons and busy life with lots of new responsibilities, I left the forum... but when the need came... I felt, You people can really provide great support! A Photography Contest is On-Going...Judgement is based on Facebook LIKES...So...
  2. Moni


    What about it? Let's show some good captures :-)
  3. Moni

    Boat on a calm lake

    Any suggestions? 1) 2)
  4. Moni

    Cartoon: International Anti-Corruption Day - Dec 9

    I've drawn this cartoon regarding the anti-corruption campaign in Bangladesh!
  5. Moni

    Tranquil - 1

    I'm submitting after another long break; my camera was out of order, then bought a new one that doesn't seem that good...and my damn monitor isn't having perfect calibration...but well it's just for sharing and positive criticisim!
  6. Moni

    21st February Every year in this day 21 Feb. we arrange a book fair....and it was taken there. The boy on his cheek wearing "ow" - "A" in our alphabet set. We're proud of it...cause in the whold Earth it's us who faught for our mother tounge.
  7. Moni


    (Its from my mime team...he is a great mime actor)
  8. Moni

    Canon Vs Nikon

    I'm looking for a very good Canon or Nikon digital SLR. Can you guyes quickly suggest me which models are better for professional-level photography and compare in between them a little???
  9. Moni

    RELEASE !!!

    Hi All, I'm Moni from Bangladesh, and English is not my mother, you can imagine how difficult is that for me to write poems in it! Anyway, I've tried a little, donno you'll love that or not...but I think I should share with my photographer friends! It's first seen by...
  10. Moni


    I'm back here after a long break....about 7 months or more! It seems lots of things are changed ... say the text editor :) Now...the look of the board look super! I'm sure that lot's of changes are in the member's list too! It'll be very difficult to know the new ones in different...
  11. Moni

    Where Are You?

    Canon PowerShot Digital PS filtered a little and glowed. Need to know about the focus....mood....and the composition and title :)
  12. Moni

    Photo Contest !!!

    Hi all, there is a grand photo contest in our country... I want to participate....they've decided the theme for this contest, "REAL moment"? Any idea..what should we capture?????
  13. Moni

    Good Bye 2004!

    Good Bye 2004...and Welcome 2005! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all... And this is a new year gift for you all :D It's the last sun of 2004 I've shotted this today evening 31st Dec! And filter is used this artistic colors :D
  14. Moni

    River - 1

    This riiver side is very near to my house - just about 5 miles away!
  15. Moni


  16. Moni

    Standing Life!

    Another photo of our stage program. Here the man standing, represents LIFE and the other one is DEATH!
  17. Moni wait

    This is the photo taken in a stage program performed by our Mime group: Pantomime Movement. The movement is intentionally captured here :D
  18. Moni

    Simple One

  19. Moni

    Cat Shots

    Which one you like most and why ??? 1. 2.
  20. Moni

    < At Play >

    Ok...let's start from "At Play" the first ever online photo contest I've participated in! It was summer time then, and the environment is too hot. This is a nice cold-water pool in hillside area. The poor children go there to bath at noon. While bathing they just go on playing some local...