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  1. rCOSIO

    Orange county ,south CA,USA

    I'm in West Covina ... always interested in meeting up with other photogs. Let me know or message me ...
  2. rCOSIO

    Transfer photos on HD using LR !!!!!!!

    HELP!!! ... lol So I have LR, and have been using it only on my MacBookPro. Well, with everthing else I have on my MacBook Pro ... I am running out of space on my Hard Drive. Well with this being said, I would like to transfer all of my photos on my MacBookPro Hard Drive and transfer them...
  3. rCOSIO

    27" Apple LED Cinema Display ...

    Well, like I said, I do have the MacBookPro that I would like to connect it to, whihc, it does have a sweet one cord plug n play for MacBook's .... I just got a text from my friend at Apple, who she will give me her discount, so $849 it is now. My plan is to purchase a MacPro tower at the end...
  4. rCOSIO

    27" Apple LED Cinema Display ...

    ^ Haha ... thanks for the post. Yah, I feel ya ... but with so many photographers working on Mac's now these days ... I'd figure some who has the Monitor, would give some insight, as if they regret spending $1,000 on a 27" Monitor when others of same size are about $300 - $400
  5. rCOSIO

    27" Apple LED Cinema Display ...

    87 reviews .... not ONE reply ... lol thanks everyone :er:
  6. rCOSIO

    Got the Cowboy Studio 24" Softbox for Speedlite

    MO ... Have you shot with it yet? Whats your review on it? I am thinking about getting one from Cowboy in the next couple of days. Thanks,
  7. rCOSIO

    27" Apple LED Cinema Display ...

    Anyone have it? ... What is your review? I recently sold my PC and older monitors and wanted to get the new 27" Apple Display, although, considering that it is $950 .... IS IT WORTH IT? I currently have a MacBookPro ... and like the quick connections option and size. Thanks,
  8. rCOSIO

    engine bay

    ... Let me know how it turns out :thumbup:
  9. rCOSIO

    A few of my car photos

    Love the pics and cars ... ITR's are sick ... as well as the ride in #3. Great MCycle shots .... how did you get your work in Honda Tuning mag?
  10. rCOSIO

    engine bay

    try using off camera flash, and place one underneath the car shooting up towards the engine bay ... light shines through nice, and separate's the parts under the hood to view better ... ... just a though, something ive done before
  11. rCOSIO

    2nd shooter

    ^ Yah, that was my agreement when I hired the second shooter. I would just provide him with CF Cards before we started, than when he was finished, he just handed the cards back over to me.
  12. rCOSIO

    2nd shooter

    Yah, I say look at their work and make sure you get someone that has wedding experience. This will allow you provide the B&G with great picutres, cover any shots you did'nt get, and also learn from your second shooter possibly as well. I recently shot my first wedding a few months back and...
  13. rCOSIO

    what are some ways to make money in Photography in January?

    Hey Gerry ... how about contacting your clients that you have done shoots with before and check to see if any of their kids are in any sports. I know baseball for highschools starts, and so do other sports. Also little league sports as well .... I have a partner that recalls on a lot of his old...
  14. rCOSIO

    Best External HD for MacBookPro ...

    Hey Village Idiot ... i definitely was not looking at the Portable External HD as a "back up" for my photos, but mainly to clear the space off my MacBookPro. Although, that brings a good question. What would you recommend as a good backup source, if I have all my photos on a portable hard...
  15. rCOSIO

    Best External HD for MacBookPro ...

    Thanks GryPhone ... I come down to the two following: Western Digital: My Passport Studio or G-Technology: G-Drive Mini
  16. rCOSIO

    Best External HD for MacBookPro ...

    ^ Yah I thoght of a Apple Airport ... but think I would like it to be protable as well.
  17. rCOSIO

    Best External HD for MacBookPro ...

    Alright everyone ... I have been a PC user for some time, but recently purchased a 8GB, 500gb, i7 MacBookPro and have to admit that I have not really touched my PC Desktop lately for anything ... Well I have come to the point, where I will be selling my PC, and need to purchase an External...
  18. rCOSIO

    Taking indoor club photography

    Yah, i have shot a club before for their flyers. TriPod, long exposure, no flash. It let me gather all the lights and details how it would look at night with the long exposure. Dropped the ISO down and longer exposure to get nice quality.
  19. rCOSIO

    Does anyone have homemade at home studio?

    Good Luck 8Ball ... BIG MIKE ... looks like you got a couple of AlieBees for key and fill lights ... but what are you using for background light and if you dont mind me asking ... how many feet are the background lights in front of the actualy backgroung? Than, how many feet do you position...
  20. rCOSIO

    85 f/1.2 or 70-200 f/2.8 IS

    Both glasses are great ... but IMO, the 70-200 will get used way more ... depending on what your doing of course. But 70-200 is a must have, before the 85 IMO