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  1. JosephCarter

    Advice, Opinions, C&C Please!

    So I've decided to take the leap from landscapes to portraits. I plan to start shooting engagement, family, newborn portraits once I obtain some flashes/lights, and only after a lot of practice/reading. I also plan to start assisting some pro's with weddings and eventually start shooting on my...
  2. JosephCarter

    Brenizer Method

    This is my first attempt at the Brenizer Method. Basically its multiple telephoto images stitched together to create an image with very shallow depth of field. It works awesome for portraits, but this guy is the closest thing to a model I could find. I was surprised how well they turned out for...
  3. JosephCarter

    Photographing Waterfalls Lakes & Streams

    I thought I would share this blog article I wrote on the Beginners' Forum, as its geared towards beginners, and hopefully will help some people out. <Link Deleted> If you have any questions or comments I'd really love it if you use the comments field on the bottom of the blog post itself, to...
  4. JosephCarter

    Photographing Waterfalls Lakes & Streams

    I just recently started a blog on my website and have posted a couple of articles so far. They're geared toward the beginner. Thanks!
  5. JosephCarter

    Symmetry - Andl Metro Station, Prague

    I got up at 5am the other day, in order to get to this location before the morning crowd. Despite my effort, there were quite a few people already on their way to work. I had to take multiple exposures and blend three of them to remove the people. I thought the image would need to be HDR to...
  6. JosephCarter

    Mushroom Season

    I saw the mushrooms which my girlfriends mom and sister picked yesterday drying in the window, the way they were spread out gave me the idea to make this image. I went and grabbed a wooden cutting board and began arranging the mushrooms on it, about 45 minutes later I was finally done and...
  7. JosephCarter

    The Dancing House - Prague

    Here is an image I took last night of The Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic. My usual subject is landscapes in the Rocky Mountains, but I'm currently in Prague visiting my girlfriends family. I was hoping to get a shot of the sunset from the Vltava river towards Prague Castle, but the sun...
  8. JosephCarter

    Nice Rack

    I took this photo on a recent trip to Austria. Taken near Innsbruck close to my camp site in the Austrian Alps.. C&C welcome! :)
  9. JosephCarter

    Hello from the Canadian Rockies! :)

    Hello Everyone! I'm Joseph, but you can call me Joe! I'm 26 years old and I live in Golden, British Columbia, Canada. Many years ago I joined this forum (2005?) when I first began my photographic journey, life got busy and I stopped frequenting the forum, but my passion for photography remains...