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  1. j_mcquillen

    Pentax 645Nii and Infra-red film

    Does anyone knows whether the Pentax 645Nii can be used with Infra-red film? The camera writes the exposure details etc onto the film rebate, but outside the image frame - having never done IR photography before, I'm not sure if this would cause fogging.
  2. j_mcquillen

    Velvia 100 / 100F

  3. j_mcquillen

    Joe Rosenthal, photographer at Iwo Jima

    Some of you may have already heard, but Joe Rosenthal, the Associated Press photographer who took the iconic image of American soldiers raising their flag on the island of Iwo Jima during the Second World War, has died aged 94. Click...
  4. j_mcquillen

    Pentax 645 NII & IR film?

    Anyone know if the Pentax 645 NII is safe to use with IR film? It has an infra-red focusing spot on the lens, but it also imprints data onto the edge of the film (outside the image)... might this cause fogging with IR?
  5. j_mcquillen

    My new site - opinions welcome!

    Finally got round to getting a 'completed' version of my website online. All opinions / criticisms welcome... New images, galleries and content will be added in due course...
  6. j_mcquillen

    Lensbabies in UK

    Anyone know where to buy these little beauties from in the UK? Are they only available from the website? I'd rather avoid shipping from the states if possible... :)
  7. j_mcquillen

    Velvia 100 / 100F

    As the last stocks of Velvia 50 will be winging their way to the shops sometime soon ( :-( :thumbdown: ) can anyone explain the difference between Velvia 100 and 100F?
  8. j_mcquillen

    Canon / Nikkon and medium-format

    Just a quick query that's been bugging me for a while now... Given Canon and Nikkon's dominance in the 35mm and now digital markets, why did they never make any real attempts at producing a medium format system?
  9. j_mcquillen

    Pentax 645N

    Thinking of buying a Pentax 645N as a first step into medium format... has anyone used one? What were your opinions? Thanks!
  10. j_mcquillen

    Medium-format slide film

    Having shot 35mm slides for a while now, I'm looking to upgrade to medium format (can't afford a decent digiltal SLR... yet), but I have a quick query. When you get medium format slides processed, do they mount them as they do with 35mm? Also, are medium-format projectors readily available?
  11. j_mcquillen


    Dunstanburgh Castle, on the coast of Northumberland, England, taken on a still evening last summer... Any thoughts?
  12. j_mcquillen

    Abandoned Beach Hut

    A derelict old beach hut stuck in the middle of the dunes at Bamburgh in Northumberland, UK. Got soaked by the large black cloud top left, just after I took this shot... Minolta Dynax 505si, 28-80mm, 15sec @ f22 on Fuji Velvia 50 with 0.9 Nd Grad & 81b warmup.
  13. j_mcquillen

    Alnwick Castle

    Alnwick Castle, in Northern England, shot as a silhouette against a dramatic sunset... Taken with Minolta Dynax 505si & 28-80mm on Fuji Velvia with 0.9 ND Grad filter
  14. j_mcquillen


    Another 'Northumbrian Castle' shot... this one at Dunstanburgh, a few miles up the coast from Alnwick, where my last shot was taken. I've gone for a different atmosphere this time - I think the long exposure on the water has given a it a slightly spooky feeling...
  15. j_mcquillen

    Alnwick Castle

    Finally got round to signing up at, so this is my first pic posted on the forum... Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, in the north east of England.
  16. j_mcquillen

    Bronica ETRSi Medium Format

    Am thinking of stepping up to medium format, and have seen a second-hand Bronica ETRSi for sale - was wondering if anyone uses this camera and could tell me how they find it... Also a few more general questions... The one I've seen comes with a 75mm lens - what does this relate to on a...
  17. j_mcquillen

    Cokin T1 Grad filter

    For Christmas I got a Cokin Tobacco Grad (T1 or P124) filter to add to my collection, but it came without any information on the filter factors etc. Was wondering if anyone could tell me how much light the coloured part of this filter cuts out...
  18. j_mcquillen

    Light Meters

    Anyone out there reccomend a good light meter? Preferably one that combines ambient and spot metering... what sort of price range are we looking at?
  19. j_mcquillen

    Prints from 35mm slide film

    Assuming I have a nice sharp image on a high quality 35mm slide (Fuji Velvia 50), what sort of size can I expect to get decent prints up to? Also, would I be better off having the slide scanned, and a digital print made, or getting a direct print made using Cibachrome etc?