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  1. AdamBomb

    Bought a P&S - Am I Just Spoiled? (Lots of photos)

    Well, I think I'm just expecting too much outta this thing. My mom purchased a new Canon SD1300 ($109) for my grandmother and it I played with it for a little bit, the photos turned out "as nice" as the ones from the SX210, so that will be going back... and I'm probably just going to pick up a...
  2. AdamBomb

    Bought a P&S - Am I Just Spoiled? (Lots of photos)

    Would you guys happen to have a better "sidekick" camera that you would recommend?
  3. AdamBomb

    Bought a P&S - Am I Just Spoiled? (Lots of photos)

    Hey All, I've been shooting with a DSLR for quite a few years now, and I feel that I've gotten quite good at it. Well I decided that I wanted a new Point-and-Shoot for when I didn't feel like toting my gripped D90 around. After days of research, I decided to pick up the Canon SX210is. I...
  4. AdamBomb

    Post a picture of yourself

    Haven't been around in awhile... Figured i'd stop by and say hello!
  5. AdamBomb

    Snowy HDR {C&C}

    I still see it!
  6. AdamBomb

    Snowy HDR {C&C}

    Awesome Shot! Makes me want to go out and take advantage of this snow/ice we have right now.
  7. AdamBomb

    Polarizer troubles

    Haha, No but I may have to buy a tee or few from them now! :lol: :thumbup:
  8. AdamBomb

    Polarizer troubles

  9. AdamBomb

    Polarizer troubles

    I think Manual focus is going to have to be the solution with this lens. I managed to catch these with the polarizer on as well, thought they turned out well...
  10. AdamBomb

    Polarizer troubles

    Hey guys, haven't been around too much lately. I set my camera down for awhile, and all of a sudden... it's exciting again! Anyways, I picked up a cheap ($20) SunPak Circular Polarizer from BB and on the way home I pulled over and I decided to snap a few photos of my truck. I've noticed a...
  11. AdamBomb

    B&W Rail yard shot...

    I like all the elements of the photo, but I would like to see what it would look if the rail car was in focus and the danger sign was kind of a secondary element. Not saying it's a bad photo, would just like to see a variation. :thumbup:
  12. AdamBomb

    Bike Lane C&C

    I like it man. I wish there was more bike lanes in the country.
  13. AdamBomb

    Which photo do you think is better?

    (I hope someone gets this)
  14. AdamBomb

    An Attempt at an HDR

    Basically I played around with the levels, sharpened, and did some burn/dodging
  15. AdamBomb

    An Attempt at an HDR

    Now the rock and clouds are blown. My attempt:
  16. AdamBomb

    Bicycle theme

    My Newest addition!
  17. AdamBomb

    2 pictures

    I really like the grain in #1!
  18. AdamBomb

    Please critique this shot =)

    Awesome shot but you wanted some critiquing so I would have to say I would have liked to see the frame moved to the left just a little bit to balance the pillars, or more-so their bases. Does that make sense?
  19. AdamBomb

    A Beautiful Day at the Lake (C&C Welcomed)

    They are ALL awesome! Great Job! :thumbup: