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  1. windrivermaiden

    Family Portrait in gum Dichromate

    This is actually a composite of several photos from this shoot by my better half. I think it still needs a little more cyan tones over all to make up for the yellow cast of the dichromate combined with the warm lighting inside the church. I am going to reprint this later in monochrome...
  2. windrivermaiden

    Proof that I am printing :-)

    I'm getting the hang of using the UV Unit. I had some trouble with my yellow layer, not enough dichromate sensitizer in the mix for the lower level of the UV from the box. I think this image can be rescued from that damage though. I'm not sure if I'm going to only add a layer of black or add...
  3. windrivermaiden

    Printing Test strips!!!!

    I finally am getting time to print with my new UV unit. I am so happy.:heart: So far, it is a nice unit. Well constructed. Rugged but not crude. Easy to use. I got it through Bostick and Sullivan. Great company. I also treated myself to a contact printing frame. :lol: So, You should see some...
  4. windrivermaiden

    Finally bit the bullet and got a UV unit.

    Now I'd just like Santa to come up with some time for me to use it. I've had it over a month and have only ran 2 sets of test strips so far. This working full time on the long day schedule and then taking classes at night is really cutting into my photo experience. So, I'm not going to have...
  5. windrivermaiden

    New forum name?

    Perhaps we need a more discriptive name for the Additional & Alternative Non-Digital Techniques for Film ...something to warn people that this is not a forum for digital manipulation.
  6. windrivermaiden

    ordered uv unit....

    I've bitten off a big hunk (for my income) of debt and ordered an exposing unit from Bostick and Sullivan. :drool: I can't wait to print on a foggy day. :lmao:
  7. windrivermaiden

    At Last!

    Wedding at Mission Inn, Riverside, CA Printed in Gum Dichromate on #300 Blockinford rough press watercolor paper.
  8. windrivermaiden

    M transparency image transfer....

    Just needed to mess around with images...I'm doing some gum but it is so slow with my work schedule. needed a fix. edit: this is a 3M transparency transfer...not a M...:-)
  9. windrivermaiden

    Breakfast at Billy T's

    I just love this one. I actually took the photo with my little cell phone camera. 4 color Gum Dichromate, 12 x 16 inches.
  10. windrivermaiden

    Meeting of the Drills

    My son graduated from Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego this last week. What a place for photo opprotunities. When I saw these Drill instructors back lit by the morning sun, I knew immediately that I was going to do the image in Gum Oil, there is nothing quite like it for a high contrast...
  11. windrivermaiden

    compare/contrast gum vs original

    This is a little comparison of the original digital capture with the resulting gum dichromate print. Gum tends to be very warm and I tend to warm it more with my choice of pigments. Other than printing in gum, there is no manipulation of the image. out of the camera, slightly sharpened as with...
  12. windrivermaiden

    super vivid gum print, Orchids.

    I've been working on this one for a while. It is on 300 lb paper so it takes a beating. I've printed heavy and dark, 4 color process, mostly yellow and black with just a hint of cyan and magenta. The patron saint of alternative photo must be smiling on me, We've gone to 4 day work weeks, which...
  13. windrivermaiden

    Bridal portrait in Gum

    It is only the first 2 layers, I am going to print this pastel. but I just love it right now. I may keep this one and do another one with pastel.
  14. windrivermaiden

    Boy with pink umbrella

    I love the pink light the umbrella gives. I'm pretty sure he would not if he knew. This poor young man had to live not only with the indignity of sharing an umbrella with his sister but her color choice as well.... I think it shows on his face. :grumpy:
  15. windrivermaiden

    Example of size failure in Gum Dichromate

    Here is an example of what size failure looks like. This #140 Stonehenge HP was sized with gelatine size, hardened with glycol and applied in two layers by brush. Size is necessary to cause the pigmented emulsion to sit on the surface of the paper, not soak into the fibers of the paper where the...
  16. windrivermaiden

    Sweet Dreams

    Here is the first successful indoor UV, gum dichromate print. Because I only have a single curly UV light in a regular hanging lamp, the printable area is only about 6 x 6 inches max. This print is 3.5 x 5 inches and deliberately printed "pastel" for effect. His little right hand is more magenta...
  17. windrivermaiden


    sorry I've been missing from the forum. I took a day job to help pay for my chemical habit. I just got back to printing, but now that I'm using UV light box instead of the harsh sun, it takes alot longer for each print. I've made a grand total of ONE in the last 8 weeks. There is a learning...
  18. windrivermaiden

    wedding gum!

    :lol::lol::lol: here it is.
  19. windrivermaiden

    BVD Penny.

    Messing around trying something different with my coin prints. I'm sort of liking this one. Blue-Van Dyke.
  20. windrivermaiden

    my 4 cents worth

    working out the kinks in a series that will be part of a limited edition book... need thicker gum ...its in the prep room right now getting all soft and pretty. The sun is beautiful this week too. Having a good time...wish you were here! UV printers unite!