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  1. Zev Steinhardt

    Waterfall in Central Park, NY

    Thanks, Devin. You can find these falls on the west side of the park, at about 110th Street. Zev
  2. Zev Steinhardt

    Waterfall in Central Park, NY

    Thanks, Newtricks. I'll see if I can get a B/W version for you in the next few days. Zev
  3. Zev Steinhardt

    Waterfall in Central Park, NY

    Thanks Jean and cbarnard. It's funny, I never noticed that it was leaning a bit. I'll see if I can fix that. Zev
  4. Zev Steinhardt


    You're welcome, pisto! FWIW, you should never be nervous about putting up photos. Someone once told me something that stuck with me. "You don't learn anything from people telling you "Ooooh, your photos are great. You learn when people point out where you could have done things better."...
  5. Zev Steinhardt

    Waterfall in Central Park, NY

    Thank you, Nancy! Zev Steinhardt
  6. Zev Steinhardt


    Beautiful! I love the Hubble shot! Zev Steinhardt
  7. Zev Steinhardt

    Calm before the storm...

    Beautiful. I'm not sure which one I like better -- they're both great shots. However, I'm always amazed at how quickly the sky can change and your pictures, taken just five minutes apart, completely underscore that point. Zev Steinhardt
  8. Zev Steinhardt

    Still I Rise

    Stunning! I love the colors! Zev Steinhardt
  9. Zev Steinhardt

    Waterfall in Central Park, NY

    I came across this waterfall in Central Park over the summer and couldn't resist shooting it. I love the fact that, had it not been said, you probably wouldn't have guessed that this is in Manhattan. :) Comments, critiques and criticisms are welcome, encouraged and appreciated. Zev...
  10. Zev Steinhardt


    Very nice. On the first one, I wouldn't leave the horizon in the middle of the screen like that. Either make the sky the star of your show or the ground. Since, in this case, the ground is completely lost, I would have minimized it and shown more of the sky. Perhaps try cropping out about...
  11. Zev Steinhardt

    The Eye

    I belong to a weekly online group photography project. This past week's theme was "Body Parts." I decided to pull out my macro lens, my tripod and my strong light and see if I can get my son's eye to stand still long enough to get a shot. Eye Macro by zev_ari, on Flickr Canon XSi, MP-E...
  12. Zev Steinhardt

    Beginner :)

    I'm not anywhere near Fort Worth, but welcome to the boards! Zev Steinhardt
  13. Zev Steinhardt

    Waterfall at Harriman State Park (NY). C&C Welcome and Appreciated!

    I took this shot last October in Harriman State Park in New York. Each October, I go up there to take pics of the fall foliage and, for the second year in a row, one of my favorite shots turned out to be a picture that doesn't show the foliage. (Canon XSi, Canon 17-40mm L lens @ 27mm, f/22...
  14. Zev Steinhardt

    Just some quick flower shots. C&C welcomed!

    The first shot is nice, but it looks like it was taken in harsh daylight, as evidenced by the shadows on the right side of the flowers. Perhaps some fill light could have cut down on the shadows? The second one suffers from a very shallow depth of field. Perhaps if the in-focus part was in...
  15. Zev Steinhardt

    Hey from NYC

    Welcome Kara! I hope you enjoy your stay. Zev Steinhardt
  16. Zev Steinhardt

    Tiger's Looking At You. Comments, Critiques and Criticisms Welcome and Appreciated

    Thank you very much, everyone. I appreciate the comments and welcome any more. Zev Steinhardt
  17. Zev Steinhardt

    Critique Desired?

    FWIW, I happen to like the owl. The only quibble that I have with it (and it's really minor) is the cut-off feather at the top. I think it would have looked better with the entire feather. But, as I said, that's really a minor quibble. The second shot would have been better if either (a) the...
  18. Zev Steinhardt

    The things I do for photos...C&C

    This may sound like a silly question, but how did you get him to stand still long enough to allow you set up the shot? Zev Steinhardt
  19. Zev Steinhardt

    Tiger's Looking At You. Comments, Critiques and Criticisms Welcome and Appreciated

    I took this shot at the Bronx Zoo: (Canon XSi, 75-300mm lens at 300mm, f/5.6, 1/400, ISO 400) I didn't have a lot of time to set up this shot as there was a large crowd of people waiting to see the tigers and I didn't know how long he (?) would continue to be looking right at me. Thanks...
  20. Zev Steinhardt

    Todays' Macro

    That's a nice shot! I like the use of DOF to blur out the stem in the back while keeping the flower face itself in focus. I also like the yellow drop frame in the background. Very subtle but it certainly adds to the shot. Zev Steinhardt