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  1. cfusionpm

    Venus transit across the Sun. Won't happen again for 100 years.

    I think I got some great ones from today!
  2. cfusionpm

    Annular Eclipse from San Diego (some singles and big composite)

    I was getting some super sharp shots throughout the afternoon. Almost all the shots before the end were 1/8000, f/32, 400mm, ISO 100, and three stacked ND filters (0.3, 0.6, and 0.9). You could see sunspots and the waves from heat/atmosphere! By the end of the day, I was still shooting...
  3. cfusionpm

    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    Shot these of my friend the other day and did some editing of them. First one is the shot I wanted from the start: being shot through the scope of a sniper. I used an actual scope mounted on an airsoft rifle to get the shot; the only photoshop trickery comes from the crack and gun smoke. I...
  4. cfusionpm

    A new toy of mine.....

    Photos are of my new (to me) Springfield XDm 9mm pistol shot in a DIY light box using my 7D and 50mm 1.4. Only PS work was some WB correcting, a touch of sharpening, and cloning out the serials.
  5. cfusionpm

    For Sale: Canon 50D + Grip + 70-300mm IS USM lens

    This has been my faithful camera for a bit now, but I don't really need a second camera anymore. Selling this to help fund other purchases. :D Canon 50D 15.1MP Live View mode 6.3 frames per second burst for up to 90 consecutive Fine JPG shots 3" 920,000 dot LCD screen Digic IV Processor...
  6. cfusionpm

    A tale of Pirates and Photoshop

    I thought I would share this lovely before and after from a recent photo shoot. The joys of shooting RAW and using photoshop. ;)
  7. cfusionpm

    A good big gear bag?

    The only bags I currently have are two little Canon-branded ones I picked up with Best Buy coupons (this and this). They've been good for the time being, but I'd like something big that can hold everything in one, and preferrably on rolling wheels. I don't really know brands or styles other than...
  8. cfusionpm

    FS: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM + hood and box

    Attention Canon shooters! I'm selling my 70-300mm IS USM lens. I bought it new in 2007 for $649 and it's served me very well. But now with my big fat white 2.8L, I never take it out anymore. Lens has been well kept (see full res image below) and includes lens hood + original box. Asking $425 +...
  9. cfusionpm

    Relative Flash Power (Canon 430EX and 580 EXII)

    So I've had a 430 EX for a while and recently got a 580EXII. Is there a quick reference to relative power between the two? I know the 580 is more powerful, but by how much? Like 1/4 power on the 430 equates to what power on the 580? I've flipped through the manuals and didn't see any ratings...
  10. cfusionpm

    Body and Lens Catalog-style shoot C&C

    I shot and compositied this yesterday after getting the random idea to do so. I used my great little home made DIY foam core box and some cheap home depot clip lights (see here). All the reflections are faked, but I was curious if any of the other photoshop gurus out there could advise on a...
  11. cfusionpm

    Rookie Mistake

    ...left my focus limiter on >2.5m last night.... oops >_<
  12. cfusionpm

    Lightroom 3 Importing Question

    This has actually been bugging me for some time: In LR2, there was a quick and wasy option when importing to select only images from certain dates on your card. In LR3, there seems to be no such option; you're presented with all the images on the card. If older images were imported, but...
  13. cfusionpm

    An Interesting Take on the 60D (vs 550D and 7D)

    Canon 60D vs 550D vs 7D - which one is better? - I share his view in having kind of a confused understanding of why the 60D is what it is. I remember hearing a similar argument on an old episode of Top Gear (a British car show that shares the same kind of humor in their news and...
  14. cfusionpm

    Female Cop (before and after)

    Shot this at a local meetup just yesterday. One of the models brought a lovely police officer outfit and I happen to have some prop guns with me. I really wanted to do some kind of effects shot with the props, so I was delighted to hear someone had a costume like that! Before and after:
  15. cfusionpm

    HDR Video Demonstration with Canon 5D mk IIs

    HDR Video A Reality | Soviet Montage Productions Wow that's some great looking video! Unfortunately they don't go into the nuts and bolts of what compositing techniques they used... And to be honest, if they didn't craft their own After Effects plugin or something, I can only think of...
  16. cfusionpm

    First the 120MP sensor, now the largest CMOS sensor: from Canon

    Canon Develops World's Largest CMOS Sensor August 31, 2010 - Canon Inc. Canon succeeds in developing world's largest CMOS image sensor, with ultra-high sensitivity Canon's ultra-large-scale CMOS sensor (left) alongside a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor TOKYO, August 31, 2010—Canon...
  17. cfusionpm

    The new lenses from Canon

    Discussion popped up here and there in the 60D thread, but here's its own thread for the new lenses.
  18. cfusionpm

    Umbrella and stand came in the mail. First shot with it.

    Off-camera flash has never been my strong point, but after attending a local workshop on lighting, I feel a lot more comfortable. I picked up a cheap stand and umbrella, which came in the mail yesterday. I grabbed a friend and shot this as part of an assignment for the workshop: shoot in...
  19. cfusionpm

    New low MP full frame from Canon?

    Saw this on my twitter feed today: 1Ds Mark IV & A New &#8220;Hybrid Flagship&#8221; [CR1] Canon Rumors Going along with the "big splash" from "3 new Digital SLRs" (1DsIV, 60D, this new one? link), it seems plausible. Very exciting news, that's for sure. I hope to see a real D700 competitor...
  20. cfusionpm

    Two Photoshops: Angel/Devil and Sin City

    Our local photography group holds these "shootout" workshops about every 2 months. I chose to do some heavy photoshopping on some of mine and these are two of my favorites from the fifth event last Saturday. Thoughts? C&C?