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    Zuiko 35mm or 50mm lens?

    Alright... some of you might have seen my other post regarding the Canon 50mm lens, but I can't do it. I can't part with my Olympus. So, that train of thought is dead. Here is my next question: Spurred into looking at different Zuiko lens, I noticed the 50mm macro. I do not like choices. I will...
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    Crazy long eyelashes. What do you think? Is it terrible? Does it need to be lightened? Cropped? _________________________ Olympus E-410
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    Human eyes - thoughts, critiques?

    Okay, they're kind of cliche, but I love an iris. These were taken with an Olympus E-410 and a 35mm macro lens. I'm still feeling weird and awkward with the manual settings, so if there is anything that you want to say, good or bad, it's encouraged. The bottom photo is a bit grainy, but I...
  4. Vegan


    Vegan scrambled 'eggs' - caramelized onions, turmeric, salt and pepper. A dollop of my vegan sour cream.
  5. Rose


  6. Up


    Soft focus.
  7. Up II

    Up II

    My eye.
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    Another eye.
  9. Soft


    Focus on the eyelashes.
  10. Down


    Focus on the tips of eyelashes.
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    Able to use a Canon lens on Olympus body?

    Thank you so much, everyone! Your responses and ideas are very much appreciated - I will consider each one of them. Actually, in response to selling my Olympus: I was thinking about it!, but it would feel like a type of betrayal. That camera has been by my side for quite some time. Also, I've...
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    Able to use a Canon lens on Olympus body?

    Forgive me if this should be in another area! I have an Olympus EVOLT E-410, but I'd really love to be able to use the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. I'm new to the adapter train of thought - would that work? The lens is unbelievably cheap, yet so completely stellar in the performance area, it's...