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  1. Stormchase

    2nd time doing street photog

    I've been saving gas so I don't go out much lately. I decided to do a cheap photo walk and thought these came out considering my lack of experience. Thought I'd post :)
  2. Stormchase

    The lone Cactuseses

    I haven't posted here in a while but have been lurking here and there. I figured I would toss up a recent shot I was happy with. Went out to a place and got eaten by mosquitoes so I went to plan B. Of coarse I wouldnt post here without typing CC welcome haha. EOSR0615-Edit by Stormchase73, on Flickr
  3. Stormchase

    Syrp VND color

    Ive never used a VND before so im sure its user error. I have always used normal ND. I got it for video. Some of my shots, Stills and video, have a very heavy shadow in the bottom left and this green color on the bottom left and top right. next to the green on the top right also has a purple...
  4. Stormchase

    New to wildlife photography

    So I recently picked up a 400mm 5.6 canon lens. I have always wanted to shoot more wildlife but my cheap 300mm kit lens was awful and my 70-200 just wasn't long enough. Anyways I have been out 2 times now. Here are a couple shots from the last trip. I have a nice Cardinal in flight but will not...
  5. Stormchase

    Intervolometer 7Dii

    So I have shot a few timelapse with this camera over the years. This summer I plan on shooting almost exclusively timelapse with it. The problem is with the internal intervolometer it shuts down after a while. It seemed during astro would be a couple hours. Just now at 80 degrees in the daytime...
  6. Stormchase

    7DII intervalometer

    I have a question. I use the in camera function now and then. I set it to infinity with a 10 second gap at either 20 25 or 30 second exposures. Night timelapse. Well it seems that around 250 exposures its shutting the camera down. At first I thought it was that battery but this last time I...
  7. Stormchase

    To ENTER or not to ENTER!

    I entered! This was a really creepy storage shed in the middle of nowhere. About 40 miles into the desert on dirt 4x4 trails. Its a little mining house from maybe the 30's. I have been enjoying shooting the night sky when the moon is out. Really just because everyone says not to do it ;) 30...
  8. Stormchase

    samyang 24mm 1.4 prime

    Picked up this lens a couple weeks back. Received it and the focal ring was locked up. Sent it back with no issues and got the second. Very happy with the wide open results but it does have a little coma going on. I can deal with it for now. Nice otherwise for a cheap end lens. This was one of...
  9. Stormchase

    A room with a view

    This is a night shot of the ruins of a house that once stood as housing for a mining crew. What a view they had all around. 30 sec iso 250 f/4 10mm 1QS9A4320 by Stormchase73, on Flickr
  10. Stormchase

    BLM protest (pic heavy)

    Ok so to start, I have never done this type of shooting before. Never shot people at all, let alone in a chaotic setting. It was interesting tho and rather fun! I was at work and found out they were having this protest in downtown Phoenix in about 2 hours. I wasnt planning on going for any...
  11. Stormchase

    Heavens Trail-s

    This is something I have really been enjoying lately. I am still learning some things and need some new glass. I ordered a 24mm 1.4 but it arrived today and the focus ring was locked up. So that waits! This was shot at Joshua tree "state" park here in Arizona with a half moon. I was not trying...
  12. Stormchase

    The tree that didnt Burn!

    So I drove up north of phoenix last week to try and capture a fire that was burning in Yarnall, Az ... again. When I got up to ground zero for the firefighters they were telling me there was basically no good roads to get close. They didn't mind a photographer getting as close as I could but I...
  13. Stormchase

    Star trails technique

    I hope this is an OK place to post this question. I am new to astrophotography. I have seen a certain style and was wondering how it might be achieved. I was thinking a zoom pull with fast glass and an extremely strudy tripod? 3 or more layers? What would you thing would be a way to achieve this...
  14. Stormchase

    First TL of the night sky

    I got set up, fired off the intervolometer, and laid back. after about an hour i realized my camera wasn't shooting. wth?? "card 1 full" . I thought I formatted earlier..guess not lol. only got 50 shots So I started over and shot as long as I could. 163 frames. 10mm 20" ISO 3200 F/4
  15. Stormchase

    Timelapse issue take 2!

    So I posted a little while back When I had an odd flicker problem with a timelapse that I created in LR with the plugin. I tried to make another and came across the same issue. Right about half way or 60% it seems to clear up. Im not sure what happened with the crop thing in the beggining. Im...
  16. Stormchase

    Orions' Curse

    1QS9A0616-Edit[/url] by Stormchase73, on Flickr[/IMG] cant upload for some reason with BBC code like i used to. 9.7mb. need help or a delete please
  17. Stormchase

    Ghost with the Most

    First attempt at painting fire and just wanted to try it out real fast. Thought I would share a first with you all.
  18. Stormchase

    Spider Monkey (Warning: Graphic - blood)

    So I was out for a peaceful morning to click on some cute animals at the local zoo. They had a wild "Spider Monkey" exhibit in an enclosure. Had to get up close and personal! I went in and got a few shots then I heard mass monkey commotion! I look up in the tree and one of the monkeys caught a...
  19. Stormchase

    The rush

    Played with ND filter and ISO to get the right shutter speed for a good look. I could have switched filters but I was in an awkward spot :) What do you think? Mid day 1/60th.
  20. Stormchase

    Verde river, Az - long exposure

    Just picked up a Breakthrough photography 10 stop. Very impressed with it. This was my best of the day for my first attempt at it. I plan on going back once the hardwoods are greened up.