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  1. High Rouleur


    I wish it had more DOF, but it was kind of spur-of-the-moment, before he ran off and hid. Anyone know what kind it is?
  2. High Rouleur

    Big brother

    I can't wait to redo this shot with better composition! It was just a quick snapshot with very quick PP, but I still think it's cute.
  3. High Rouleur

    Ice Ice Baby

    OK, cheesy title, but that's what it is. :D 1. 2. 3.
  4. High Rouleur


    I was just fooling around with a new lens, taking some macros of my bikes and learning about DOF, and I wanted to share these. I realize that all three of them are oriented the same way; I guess the light was best from this angle, because I do have other shots that are composed differently but I...
  5. High Rouleur

    Hub...first HDR

    This was my first shot at HDR...I feel like you can't really tell. Is this just a bad subject for HDR, or did I do something wrong in PP? Or does it look OK? I really can't tell.
  6. High Rouleur

    Radio Flyer

    Any thoughts on this one?
  7. High Rouleur

    Article on

    Here's an entertaining article on the life of an NFL photographer having to brave the elements during the playoffs. It goes without saying that I'd trade jobs with this guy any day. :)
  8. High Rouleur

    A few older shots

    I just stumbled on these as I was going through my files, so I thought I'd share them. Please be gentle...they were shot with a 4 MP P&S a few years ago, before I knew anything about photography. But all C&C is welcome! 1. 2. 3. 4.
  9. High Rouleur

    Fall in Sedona

    Just a quick shot I took while hiking through Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona a few months ago. I love the shot, mostly because of the memories it holds, but I realize it's far from perfect. I've adjusted the lighting and color a bit in there anything I could have done while taking a shot...
  10. High Rouleur


    Hey everybody! I'm new to photography, sort of...I've been looking for different ways to capture things on film since I got my first camera twenty or so years ago, but I just recently started getting serious about it, with better equipment and education. I'm here to get to know some of my fellow...