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  1. KevinPutman

    My new baby <3

    Bear with me, I'm still photoshopless. So these are unedited.
  2. KevinPutman

    Miss me?

    Sooo I lost my camera for a short period of time...but now I'm back!! My photoshop is indisposed as well, at the I attempted post-production in fail. C&C? (yeaaah just realized that the plant is way bad oof.)
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    Early morning/Sunrise is the BEST time to take pictures imo... More to come later, [b]detailed[b] C&C on these please? Would be greatly appreciated.
  4. KevinPutman

    I know it's underexposed........buuuut

    Okay so this is my desperate attempt to save this pictures life. I took some pictures today, and this is was the only one worth keeping...kinda sad =/ The original un-edited was severely underexposed..(before you gripe at me for underexposing, it was because I was just playing around with...
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  6. KevinPutman

    Sexiest model ever...

    So this was mostly just a lighting experiment. Sources were 2 indirect lights behind me to the left, and the on-board flash..I would have liked the flash to be brighter..but my camera only has high, med. and low. These were on low, medium was too bright. Also, no PP was done to any of these...
  7. KevinPutman

    Constructive Criticism please!

    1 2 3 Ps. I'll have another Time Lapse video up in about an hour ^-^
  8. KevinPutman

    Convert Film to digital

    Saw a dohickey the other day at Best buy. Plug it into a USB port, and it scans your film/negatives, and converts them to digital. Was curious if anyone has played with one yet, and if it'd be worth getting. My stepdad has a really nice Pentax that I'd like to play around with..but getting...
  9. KevinPutman

    So today for the first time...

    I wished I had 2 cameras while I was out shooting. One to take the pictures for the time lapse video I'll be putting up in a bit. And another to go around and take pictures with while waiting for the time lapse. Instead, I paced back and forth for an hour.
  10. KevinPutman

    Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3

    So I played around with this camera today at Best Buy, and fell in love. I like it even more than the T2i (the camera I've reallllllly been craving). So I'm curious what you guys would think about it, and how it would compare with say, the 20D, 30D, Xs, XT, etc... Also, when I get it...
  11. KevinPutman

    Railroad Car

    Needs repairs.... =P Not asking for C&C, Just took some picture of something I put together out of boredom =p
  12. KevinPutman

    Black and white?

    Not really my personal favorite, but thought I'd try my hand at it. Let me know if you want to see one of these in colour. 1. 2. 3 4
  13. KevinPutman

    Who are the least helpful posters on TPF

    Village Idiot nominates himself. gsgary :drool: madamsophiaz:drool: KevinPutman Stradwhovious Rancor Speckles manaheim Sorry, Had to do it! ^-^
  14. KevinPutman

    So having never taken pictures of actual people..

    from a photo-graphical/artistic standpoint, where would I begin. This was a picture I took yesterday, with no real artistic thoughts in mind, just a snapshot before prom. But how would it compare with an actual photo shoot quality picture? Comments?
  15. KevinPutman

    OMG more landscape! Jk, trying something new..

    Deviating from my passion of landscape photography, these were shot just messing around. I haven't dabbled in much aside from landscape recently, so some C&C on these would be great. ^-^ 1 2. I know some of the leaves are blown out, and the picture's a tad distracting..but I wanna...
  16. KevinPutman

    My first attempt at a time lapse video.....

    Well folks, here it is. Put together from about 2000 consecutive images taken in a 45minute time frame. (Give or take). No PP done whatsoever, just put together and uploaded. It sucks, I know. Yesterday it was windy and the water looked amazing, but I messed up =/ But oh well, it's the...
  17. KevinPutman

    I'm going to get this landscape stuff down pat

    1 2 3 I know this one's really plain, but I feel it doesn't look too bad. 4 5.
  18. KevinPutman

    Two $25 iTunes cards, $20 a piece!

    I know this isn't "photogenic" but thought it would be okay to post here. I received 2 $25 iTunes gift cards as a gift, but don't use iTunes. So I'll sell them for $20 a piece, accepting paypal. Post or PM if interested. Totally legit, can send pictures of unscratched silver code thing.
  19. KevinPutman

    Timelapse Questions, and some C&C pls.

    So I went out to the lake (again) and tried taking a timelapse picture of the sunset. I didn't think I could hold down my shutter button for the entire time (i was sitting at an akward angle) so I tried taking about 10 pictures (on continuous mode), at 30 second intervals..but I found looking...